drawings 01
P. John Burden - Artist
Painter - Printmaker - Illustrator
RR3  Hunter River, PEI, Canada, C0A 1N0


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Thought it'd be interesting to show the first impressions from which a drawing or painting might grow.
Some of these drawings are new.
Many were found in the squashed up old box in which I found a few intaglio prints I'd done mostly in the sixties (see Traditional Printmaking ) and some drawings, spanning  about 1965 to 1990.
Some drawings were originally done for commercial work (I only work for ethically sound commerce), some for illustration, but most for the sake of wanting to be drawn.

Life drawing

Airport people. Sketched on way to seeing      Michael Fell

view from Michaels house

"Forgotten" (and detail) by ©P. John Burden.
Ink on Illustration Board
"I Still Love You" (a real oldie!) by ©P. John Burden. ink on paper

"For Sale"  © P. John Burden. Pencil on Illustration board

From "A Horse Called Farmer" by Peter Cumming © P. John Burden. Pencil on Illustration board

From "Abegweit" Grade 6 textbook. Ink on Illustration board by ©P. John Burden  

" Ladies at Tea" by ©P. John Burden.
mixed media on Illustration Board
a real oldie, for short story by Randall Perry, in long defunct "Islandside Magazine"