Digital prints 01
P. John Burden - Artist
Painter - Printmaker - Illustrator
RR3  Hunter River
PEI, Canada, C0A 1N0
(902) 964 - 2853

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 Digital (giclée) Prints
(See “Printmaking, traditional”, for other techniques)

I am involved in this modern printing technique three ways. (In all three catagories the prints are expertly made with archival inks and paper, and inspected by me.):

#1 ~ Artist’s Prints:
 Created/drawn/coloured by me on the computer (no, the computer cannot draw!). I work with a Wacom graphics tablet (electronic pencil) mostly in  Photoshop. Sometimes I may import portions - that I have done on paper or whatever into the digital file.
    The prints are created to be that alone, artist’s prints - not taken from an already existing picture. The original has been created as an electronic file (in the same way a traditional print originates from a copper plate, slab of stone, or etc.)
    The print may be from a limited or unlimited edition. In the case of a limited (numbered and signed) edition, I think that electronic file should be treated the same way as a copper plate, or whatever, and rendered unusable when the edition is completed.

#2 ~ Reproductions:
 Reproductions of an existing piece of art by me.
They are unlimited in number and the price depends on size and paper quality (please note all paper used is archival)
    Although faithful to the original painting, there is no attempt made for them to be confused with the original.

#3 Posters etc.
The picture on a poster might be a reproduction of a painting or a section thereof, or it might be original insomuch as it is not a reproduction of anything (as in #1 - artist’s prints.)
    But what makes it a poster is that there is also some printing on the sheet. I think notecards etc. also fit in this category.

The five prints below are open (unlimited) editions - all of Prince Edward Island where I live.
 Great Blue Heron on Prince Edward Island,  plus detail
(artist's print - unlimited edition.)

Blue Jay and Lighthouse on PEI , plus detail
(BlueJay is the "Island Bird")
(artist's print - unlimited edition.)

 Island Farm, plus detail 
(artist's print - unlimited edition.)

Table for Two , with detail
(This is a reworked version of the picture I did 
for the MacQuarries in the Island Magazine. 
Some will recognise the cottage cheese container)
(artist's print - unlimited edition.)

Plowing at Orwell Corner PEI , and detail
(In a field adjacent to Orwell Corner Historic Village, 
now happily haunted by good friend Wendell Boyle)

(artist's print - unlimited edition.)

and here is my tribute to Milton Acorn
He was a man despised by many, until he died. 
Then he got very popular
He is, you see, a great Canadian poet

Limited edition of 100 prints.


Mother/Soldier. About 19"x14"
Limited edition of 50 prints.
This means much to me and will try to be doing more along this line.

Woman Crucified. About 19"x14"
Limited edition of 50 prints.
The second of a planned series about  civilians (especially  mothers) in war

You can see how the above two prints grew out from an original work
I somewhat hastily put together to illustrate Bernie Wilson's poem.

Bob Dylan,  Jack of Hearts.
This fellow, supposed to look like Bob Dylan
(inspired by his song: Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts),
was my contribution to a pack of playing cards.
Each card designed by a different artist.
Sadly nothing has yet come of it.

(this will be incorperated into a poster)