Traditional printmaking

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P. John Burden - Artist

Painter - Printmaker - Illustrator
RR3  Hunter River, PEI, Canada, C0A 1N0
(902) 964 - 2853



Here are some very old prints of mine, mostly done in the sixties when I was training under the amazing Wilkie (Henry Wilkinson).
They are mostly trial proofs and, although a little grubby,  have withstood the trials of time.  Recently  I re-discovered them in a cardboard box. 
Had some nostalgia twinges about London where I knew great happiness, and great misery
Being a professional artist means that most of my waking hours are spent drawing etc. (Yes Clarissa, I am happy).
I hope to find some time to get back into traditional printmaking.


"Speakers Corner" by ©P. John Burden. Line engraving on copper.
Done in the sixties, when at the City and Guilds.
Fairly recently purchased at an estate sale and the owner kindly sent me a photo.
(He also got a Michael Fell etching at same sale) - see "Michael's Page"

"Kate knitting" by ©P. John Burden. Aquatint and etching.
From a low res photo recently recieved from owner of original print.
A picture of Kate when she was expecting her baby.
The matrix was the metal (magnesium?) side of a commercial printing plate (called "Primag"?)
The other side, which I think was what the newspapers used, was a plastic (polymer?).
I used to find this stuff in the rubbish bins on Fleet Street - when newspapers were actually on Fleet Street.
It used to fizz wildly in the nitrc acid, giving all sorts of effects; a veritable delight to the student
(As Wilkie said, you get fed up doing  things like printing from cabbage leaves etc.)

"Clarence" (and detail) by ©P. John Burden. Aquatint.

"Covent Garden tea stand" (and detail) by ©P. John Burden.
Line engraving on copper

"Friends" by ©P. John Burden. Aquatint


"Hastings Beach" (and detail) by ©P. John Burden. Aquatint plus some engraving


"Immigrants" by ©P. John Burden. Line Engraving on copper.

One of the plates (plus detail) I did for the Limited Edition "Tai Ringal" (sold out)
I worked on this book with  great Writer and Poet  - Jeremy Gadd
Line engraving on copper

"The Ultimate in Plunge" (and detail) by ©P. John Burden.
Line engraving on copper

"Milton Acorn" by ©P. John Burden.
This is a recent one, linocut (I used to be very stuffy about linocuts - silly me.)
Sortoff mixed feelings about it so it is in effect a monoprint, 1/1

"Mick's Cafe" etching by ©P. John Burden.

"Steel Workers" by ©P. John Burden.
Line engraving on copper