stained glass
P. John Burden - Artist
Painter - Printmaker - Illustrator
RR3  Hunter River, PEI, Canada, C0A 1N0

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Hello. This is the long awaited page of


(bet all seven of you have been holding your breath.)

It has taken me forever to get this page together. Partly because we (we = me and my ever essential partner, Robin Bakker) are trying to wind down on church windows. Of course, we intend to fulfill our resposibilities to existing clients - and to "finish off" churches that are partly furnished with our stained glass windows.

That's what we do, real stained glass.



"Long Day" by ŠP. John Burden (artist) and Robin Bakker (technician) - Traditional stained glass

(Yes, there is the odd exception from doing church windows. This panel (only 20" x 24" and not quite finished yet) is for a display of the Island's best [forgot proper name of show], organised by the PEI Crafts Council, and showing at the Epteck Centre in Summerside. 

Hope to get this page properly sorted out soon - including a description of what we mean by real stained glass - as opposed to coloured glass as in suncatcherrs and decorative panels and etc.


Here is a picture of a Dorcas window we did a few years back for the Anglican Church in Alberton, Prince Edward Island
and a bit closer look:

Herewith above,  a pretty classic Good Shepherd we did for New Glasgow Road Presbyterian Church

A modern rose window for a new church. St. Cuthbert's, at St. Theresa's, Prince Edward Island