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P. John Burden - Artist
Painter - Printmaker - Illustrator
RR3  Hunter River, PEI, Canada, C0A 1N0

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I guess every artist gets asked to do cartoons sometimes.
Insisting that one is not a cartoonist doesn't seem to help.
Anyway, a cartoon does not have to be funny - far from it.

Below are a few cartoons I did for the Alternative Voiceduring the Gulf War.
. . . Bush and Mulroney played their parts, and I greatly enjoyed the privelage of drawing them.

Also two posters, chosen from many over the last few years.

On the night of the bombing of Baghdad I drew the picture below. I wasn't listening to the radio or anything and had no idea what was going on. All I knew was that I was compelled to draw this picture, of this woman and her children:

The Island Peace Committee has since used this on different occaisions.

And then, a few years later:
When we start looking into things a bit . . .