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Here is the cover, and some chapter headers I did for:
 CHASING A DREAM, Prince Edward Islanders in the Klondike.
 I also did some little tailpieces and etc. I would have loved to have done more illustrations for this accurate, yet highly readable, history book - but it has such a wonderful stock of photos, I didn't feel more illustration was needed.

The book, CHASING A DREAM, Prince Edward Islanders in the Klondike, is written by J. Clinton Morrison.
Published by Crescent Isle Publishers.
ISBN 0-9691824-7-3

ALSO: At the bottom of page you'll find a couple of recent illustrations for an Ed MacDonald article in the winter edition of the Island Magazine.


Above is cover design with detail. (My interpretation of Clint's great grandfather who went to the Klondike after gold.)
Below are a few selections from the chapter headings

Yes, it is a Winchester.

The pictures below, with details,  were recently done for the Island Magazine.


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