Charr lodges protest against rating in klitschko fight

Charr lodges protest against rating in klitschko fight

There is a rule violation because he was examined and treated by the doctor in the ring corner klitschko, announced his boxing stable diamondboy promotion. Now the world federation WBC has to deal with the protest. Klitschko had been injured by technical K.O. Won in the fourth round.

Charr’s management says that according to the rules his boxer had to be treated for the heavily bleeding eyebrow injury in the next corner. That had been the charr corner at the time of the interruption. The boxer, who lives in koln and has lebanese and syrian roots, was however treated in the klitschko corner. The doctor had recommended not to continue the fight. As a result, the referee stopped the duel, which was dominated by klitschko.

"It is not usual that a boxer is treated in the foreign corner. But there are only recommendations, no rules," said thomas putz, president of the federation of german professional boxers (BDB). The two ring doctors were selected and appointed by the BDB, not by the respective box camps. "It was a coincidence that we had put stefan holthusen in the klitschko corner and stefan bock in the charr corner. It could just as well have been the other way around," said putz, who gives the protest little chance.

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