Compromise on the new construction area

Compromise on the new construction area

Even if the excavators on the construction site are not working at the moment, the development of the eleven new building sites is proceeding according to plan. It’s not a construction stop that’s responsible for the peace and quiet. "The construction company is on vacation for two weeks", says mayor helmut blank (CSU). He and planner matthias kirchner from the planning office bautechnik kirchner (oerlenbach) are pleased that a consensus regarding the rainwater retention basin could be found at a meeting with representatives of the lower nature conservation authority in the district office of bad kissingen and the water management office of bad kissingen.

It was recently discovered that the snipe, a rare meadow-breeder, lives where the rainwater retention basin is to be built. "We have looked for solutions in order not to jeopardize the progress of the construction work, but also to take into account the justified interest of the nature conservationists", says the mayor. "I am very grateful for this." Matthias kirchner explains how the compromise looks in detail. The creation of a retention basin means that the meadow butterfly will lose a flat area. Although it is a technical structure, the snipe can no longer breed there because the basin keeps filling up with water. To compensate for this lost breeding area, a replacement area will be designated in grobwenkheim.

This is also confirmed by melanie hofmann, press officer at the district office of bad kissingen. "An amicable solution has been found. According to this, the construction will be as meadow-brooder-friendly as possible." Among other things, this means that the paved access road will be rebuilt once the tree removal is completed and the basin will occupy as little space as possible. "The city is also concerned about "compensatory areas", melanie hofmann shared. So this problem is out of the world.

The connection to the new construction area is also not without its problems. Because the access road is right next to the cemetery, the cemetery wall has to be moved to make it easier to see. Helmut blank emphasizes the great support from the church administration. "I would like to thank especially burkard ziegler", he says. When moving the wall, it is important that the natural stone wall is rebuilt professionally, explains matthias kirchner. "Only a few workers are still able to do this." Luck for the city of munnerstadt: the wassermann company is subcontractor to ullrich-bau for the construction work on the wermerichshausen through road. This company has the appropriate forces and could be won over for the cemetery wall.

The new site in grobwenkheim is certainly not an easy area to develop. Half a kilometer of wastewater pipes has already been laid. After the break, it’s time for the water pipes and all the cables to be installed. "We have had a lot of luck with the weather", says matthias kirchner. Because the soil is very loamy, in case of rain it would be very muddy. Normally, the soil that was unsuitable for trenching was removed and everything was ballasted, the planner explains. But this would mean additional costs for the excavation and the gravel. Therefore, hydraulic binders are injected into the top 30 to 40 centimeters of soil. Then it is suitable for road construction.

Matthias kirchner expects the construction area to be ready in the fall. It will take a little longer before the first houses are actually built on the nine municipal and two private building plots," the pastor said. "I know that there is a certain impatience among some city council members", says helmut blank. But this was not at the discretion of the city. Various offices still need to be active, confirms also matthias kirchner, who complains about a shortage of skilled workers. "And the formalities are getting rougher."

Of the nine city building sites, seven are already reserved, two are still available, informs the mayor. The cost of the construction area amounts to around one million euros.

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