Environmental protection in the construction area

Environmental protection in the construction area

In the "herzo base III" development in herzogenaurach there is already a lot of construction activity. The company basedrei gmbh from hammerbach is different from most other builders, because it builds its houses from wood.

For a long time the agenda 21 working group "urban development visiting the construction site of the wood-hybrid house on nelly sachs street. At the beginning of the construction site tour, the two managing directors thomas frank and patrick baumuller proudly presented the production hall on the building site. Normally, entire walls of timber houses are delivered to the construction site prefabricated. In this project, the individual components of the wall are delivered to the construction site and assembled into a wall in the production hall.

As thomas frank explained, this has a decisive ecological advantage in addition to monetary benefits. Only two to three walls could be transported using a special transport system. Each special transport required one or two escort vehicles, sometimes also the police. In contrast, the components of four or five walls could be brought to the construction site with a normal semitrailer truck of the delivery company. This saves a lot of CO2.

Another ecological advantage is that the supplier also takes back the wood waste, for example wood fiber boards, in order to use them again in the production of new wood fiber boards. After these explanations of the on-site production process, the tour continued with a visit to three terraced houses that have already been built.

Focus on healthy living

In total, 15 terraced houses, spread over two rows of houses, are being built by the builder basedrei. The living space of a house is 160 square meters, distributed over three levels. A basement level is also included and easily meets the K 40 efficiency house standard. Particular attention is paid to the health of the home when selecting building materials such as flooring.

The tour of the construction site ended with a view of the herzo base construction area from the top floor and lively discussions. The languages in particular showed how much the two ceos care about the environment and conserving resources.

If the opportunity arises and there are interesting new or converted models, the spokesman for the "urban development" working group would like to see them in the top positions, wolfgang schoepe, organize similar tours, to which also guests are welcome.

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