Federal president gauck calls for civil courage

Federal president gauck calls for civil courage

"Germany has coped well with the crisis so far," he said in his first christmas address as head of state. Compared with other europeans, most burgers in this country are "doing well economically, very well indeed". Moreover, radical parties have not been able to benefit from the fact that some people in germany are also unsettled.

Gauck said, according to a pre-published speech script, in the address, which took place on the evening of christmas day (25.12.): "they are insecure in the face of a life that has become faster, more unclear, more unstable. The gap between rich and poor is widening, climate change requires new answers, as does an aging society."The violence in subway train stations or on the streets, "where people are also attacked because they have black hair and dark skin," is also a cause for concern.

The german president stressed: "in view of all this, we need not only energetic politicians, but also committed citizens."Christmas is an occasion for reflection not only for christians. "For muslims, jews, people of other faiths and atheists, too, it is a festival of pause, a festival of relatives and elective relatives, a festival that unites when people visit each other and give each other gifts – with sparing things, but above all with affection," said gauck.

Looking to the future, the federal president emphasized: "yes – we want a country based on solidarity. A country that opens the way to a good life for the young and leaves the old room in our midst. A country that unites those who have lived here for generations with those who have only recently made their home here."Germany will never be able to take in all the refugees who want to come. Gauck: "but we want to grant asylum to persecuted people with an open heart, and we want to welcome the immigrants our country needs."

The german president also reiterated his support for the deployment of german soldiers and civilian aid workers in afghanistan. His trip to the country on the hindu kush had recently shown him how precious the peace that has prevailed in europe for over 60 years is. Gauck: "the european idea secured him. The european union rightly won the nobel peace prize."But now the question in europe is whether political will will be able to hold together "what is so economically and culturally different.

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