Habeck wants to get children out of greek refugee camps

Habeck wants to get children out of greek refugee camps

In view of the state of affairs in greek refugee camps, grunen leader robert habeck has demanded that germany take in children from the camps.

"At least we were able to provide immediate help for the children in the greatest need," habeck told the "frankfurter allgemeine sonntagszeitung" (F.A.S.). Representatives of the federal ministry of the interior rejected the demand. At the same time, a debate has been launched on an old and still unresolved problem: the distribution of refugees in the EU.

According to information from athens, there are around 40 refugees in the refugee camps on the islands in the east of the agais.000 people accommodated, although there is only space for around 7500 people. The situation is increasingly getting out of control, and according to reports from humanitarian organizations, the results are dramatic. Greece expects another 100 jobs to be lost next year.000 migrants who translate from turkey.

Habeck told the F.A.S., around 4000 children crowded on the greek islands. "Many girls, many fragile little people. It is a humanitarian imperative to help there quickly." Approval got habeck from the organization pro asylum. According to a press release, its managing director, gunter burkhardt, said: "it is intolerable that thousands of refugee children in greek slum camps are shivering from cold, wet and hopelessness, while here the christmas vacation mood is setting in."

The parliamentary secretary of state in the federal ministry of the interior, stephan mayer (CSU), rejected a solo approach by germany. Then "the other EU countries would shirk their responsibility," he told the redaktionsnetzwerk deutschland (RND/monday). His state secretary colleague gunter krings (CDU) made a similar statement in the rheinische post: "the goal must be that the situation for all asylum seekers in greece is improved as quickly as possible. Unilateral admission actions for certain groups are no solution."The leader of the european people’s party in the eu parliament, manfred weber (CSU), told the newspapers of the funke media group that clarity was needed at the border. "We have to decide directly on the greek islands whether someone is allowed to stay in europe or not."

The federal government’s human rights commissioner, barbel kofler (SPD), called for a new initiative to distribute people in the EU. Greece must not be left alone, she told RND. "The new eu commission must quickly make a new attempt at a fair distribution of those who have fled among the eu member states."

The distribution of refugees within the EU has been the subject of dispute for years. Member states such as hungary and poland do not want to be obliged to accept migrants. Under current dublin rules, the country responsible for an asylum procedure is always the one where a migrant first sets foot on EU soil. Greece and italy, where most of the people arrive, feel left alone with this. The new EU commission therefore wants to reform the system that has failed to preserve itself.

German interior minister horst seehofer (CSU) had proposed asylum screening at the EU’s external borders and the introduction of a fixed key for the distribution of refugees, based on the population and economic strength of the countries concerned.

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