Hochstadt puts the brakes on building land

Hochstadt puts the brakes on building land

How should the center of hochstadt develop over the next few years?? Where will there be new building and commercial areas?? These were the questions discussed by the new city council in its first meeting after being constituted, and the course was set. After that, there should be no more unallocated use of land in hochstadt.

With a clear majority of 21:3 votes in each case, the city council decided on monday evening in the wide surroundings of the aischtalhalle – in corona times, after all, distance must be maintained. Both with the building land designation, and with the commercial areas is not with the maximum possible demands into the approval procedure for the new surface use plan gone.

The basis for a very small solution

Already at the preliminary meeting with representatives of all fractions a week ago, it had become clear that one wanted to put on the brakes. For the new green faction, however, this was still not far enough. Your spokesman, peter winkler, advocated a "very small solution" for building land and for commercial areas only for a "moderate redensification".

Winkler criticized a far too rough use of the landscape, a mistake that, in his opinion, is also made by all neighboring municipalities. We are in a growth spiral that is destroying habitat, said grunen spokesman.

All other factions agreed to include new commercial areas in the new land use plan. These will be designated in the greiendorfer weg area on the western edge of town. For this, one completely renounces possible further commercial areas along the birkach east of etzelskirchen.

Entering the flat land use plan discussion, mayor gerald brehm (JL) emphasized that the plan was only a statement of intent by the city. Many ideas of the public authorities and of the citizens had already been incorporated into the design. According to brehm, there will always be conflicts of interest, but hochstadt is a mid-sized center and must provide flat areas for more residential and commercial space. Naturally, they want to make the development plans ecological.

Bernd herberger (CSU) and JL spokesman michael ulbrich emphasized that hochstadt definitely needs a commercial area. "We have to bite the bullet", said martin oberle (JL). He liked to call it an "ecological business park" create. Even though josef bessler (JL) urgently warned against designating the scenically valuable flat area at greiendorfer weg as a commercial area, a majority voted in favor and deleted the flat area at the birkach.

500 requests for building land

The development plan is being drawn up by valentin maier’s engineering office in hochstadt. Engineer georg schreiber presented the draft in the meeting, in which from the view of the planners the maximum possible flat trenches were drawn in. The goal now is to coordinate the designated areas to the point where a preliminary draft can be drawn up.

The need for building sites for residential buildings in hochstadt is still great. Brehm said that among the 500 or so inquiries were 300 from residents of hochstadt who wanted to build here. You should get opportunities. According to engineer schreiber, a total of 55 to 65 hectares of residential building land could be identified.

With twelve building plots per hectare, more than 600 plots could be created. 24 hectares in the area of etzelskirchen-west, six hectares in hochstadt-sud in the direction of gremsdorf and the rough part with about 500 building sites in the continuation of the area hackersteig.

At the request of the city council majority, this area will be slimmed down somewhat. A drinking water well is to be abandoned in order to allow denser development on hackersteig. CSU spokesman alexander schulz also called for the smaller solution and spoke of a "compact rounding off". He noted that despite the designation of building land, hochstadt has not increased in population for years and that old building areas were slowly dying out.

Afd lone campaigner christian bebler also voted for a smaller hackersteig and also suggested turning old mixed-use areas into purely residential areas.

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