It’s easier to learn in a new environment

It's easier to learn in a new environment

Together with mayor stefan paulus (CWG/SPD) and local council members, the elementary school staff visited a renovated school in oettingen, where a new pedagogical concept was architecturally taken into account. A suitably designed room makes an important contribution to independent, self-reliant, school-centered learning. Former classrooms have been transformed into learning landscapes for the fifth and sixth grades in swabia. They are characterized by multifunctional walls, a teacher’s station, flexible learning and working possibilities. A landscape that looks like openness and transparency, as the french visitors thought.

Stefan paulus said: "there should be no new construction or renovation just for the sake of renovation in knetzgau". Only if we take into account new pedagogical aspects, there is a very rough chance for our community and its schools. It should also not be taboo to open the school as a ‘village center’ for clubs and businesses. The question of costs is also an issue that must be kept in mind."
Claudia langer, the head of the school in oettingen, and her colleague gunther schmalisch gave teachers and local council members a tour of the new rooms.

The renovation had improved the learning conditions enormously, they said. Before the renovation, the goals were defined and the direction was set. The building has therefore been transformed not only in terms of energy but also cosmetically, which claudia langer describes as "pedagogical architecture" paraphrased. In oettingen, there are no conventional blackboards and desks; shelf walls have been built in, creating a lot of space. Every schoolchild can access the learning material, there are no longer fixed classrooms with precisely assigned places. The schools even work together on projects across classes.

The new concept demanded a change in the role of the teacher, as claudia langer pointed out. "It is important for the students to realize that they themselves are responsible and to recognize the link between performance and positive results." Karin doberer from the flexible classroom had accompanied the project and explained the concept: the focus is on space and learning climate. Frontal teaching is facilitated and the implementation of new teaching and learning plans is supported in many ways.

The "flexible classroom is a room concept with many components (modules). These are suitable for all ages. "A culture of teaching and learning is created that helps to wean the weak from school and build up the strong. The result is certainly not only an increase in the level of performance, but also more joy in teaching and learning and a demand for social competence", summarized doberer.

Architect jorg-michael bruckner showed the change from the "asbestos corridor" on the learning landscape. It is a path to self-directed learning. The knetzgauers recognized that the transparent process between the teachers and the architect was important in the planning and construction phase. A plaza as a multifunctional event and presentation area catches the eye. St. Paul, the councilors and the teachers were impressed by the pedagogical concept and the construction.

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