Kammerer has good news

Mayor gerhard riediger had two pieces of good news for the town councils of unterleinleiter during their most recent meeting. Firstly, the budget drawn up in the spring can be implemented as planned, as no serious budget overruns are expected, and secondly, the fiber-optic connection for elementary schools will now be offered at a lower price than originally planned.

"Based on the current revenues and expenditures, the 2019 budget can be processed according to plan, as the budget balance is not in danger according to the current figures", heibt es zum aktuellen stand der budgetsentwicklung in der sitzungsvorlage von kammerer wolfgang krippel.

According to the latest total cost overview from the hollfeld architectural firm schmidt, the total cost for the renovation of the unterleinleiter elementary school is around 940000 euros. The municipality of unterleinleiter’s share of this is around 253,000 euros, because the average demand rate from the two demand programs (KIP and FAG) is a high 73.12 percent. At the march meeting, the council did not accept the offer from corwese gmbh to install a fiber-optic connection for the elementary school at a cost of around 92,000 euros, because the municipality had to contribute just under 42,000 euros to the project, in line with the maximum demand of 50,000 euros.

New tender

Now the whole thing is to be put out to tender again, and the municipal utility of ebermannstadt has already signaled in advance that it will participate in this tender with a maximum bid of 60,000 euros. This would leave the municipality with a contribution of no more than 15,000 euros. As a result, the council agreed to reissue the tender.

It was also decided that gertrud lang be appointed as municipal election officer and andreas kirchner as her deputy for the 2020 municipal elections.

Municipal approval was also granted for the construction of a new single-family home in durrbrunn and the conversion of a barn with an extension to the existing home, also in durrbrunn.

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