Kollegah rejects anti-semitism accusations again

Kollegah rejects anti-Semitism accusations again

Controversial rapper kollegah (35) has once again strongly denied accusations of anti-semitism against him. "I have nothing to do with anti-semitism, i distance myself from it," he said at an appearance in leipzig on thursday evening, according to his management.

"One of my best friends is jewish." The "accusation of misogyny, homophobia, anti-semitism’ and hasn’t seen it all" that keeps hitting him is false, he said on stage, according to videos sent out by his management.

Earlier, bavaria’s anti-semitism commissioner ludwig spaenle (CSU) had criticized a planned concert by kollegah in munich. From his point of view, kollegah has never sufficiently distanced himself from accusations of anti-semitism. "He sends signals," spaenle said. "One could call this mental arson."

"Sometimes people only see us from the outside and can’t really appreciate us and don’t really realize that our music culture, our hip-hop, actually brings diverse people from all over the world together more than it divides them," kollegah said to cheers from his leipzig fans. His music stands "for cohesion, for judging people by their character, not by their origin, their beliefs or anything else, and certainly not by the color of their skin".

Kollegah is considered a scandalous rapper since he recorded the line "my body is more defined than that of auschwitz inmates" in the song "0815" with farid bang and received an "echo". There was a scandal that ultimately meant the end of the music prize.

Only recently, the city of rastatt said a for the 9. November – the anniversary of the pogroms against the jews in germany in 1938 – the rapper’s planned concert was cancelled on the grounds that his lyrics were anti-semitic, glorifying violence and contemptuous of women. The women’s magazine "emma" cured him to the "sexist man alive 2019", the grossest sexist of the year.

He also rejected the accusation of misogyny on stage: "I have a wife myself."

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