Lone fighter wants teamwork

Lone fighter wants teamwork

Karl-heinz hofmann

The BLSV-kreisverband kronach has a new chairman. At the district convention, mario schmid from wallenfels was recently elected district chairman. The 46-year-old thus succeeded karl H. Fick, who was active for almost 40 years in the leadership of the BLSV sports district of kronach and led it for 25 years.
The leadership of the district association with its 27620 members in 141 clubs is a responsible office with many tasks and challenges. "After years of sluggishness and dwindling membership numbers, i want to give the sport a new impetus or two to make it more palatable again to the young people of the digital ara.", describes mario schmid the main focus of his task.
In the apartment of the new district chairman, certificates, medals and trophies immediately catch the eye. "This is not all for a long time; I can no longer accommodate all the awards in an orderly fashion", he says with a smile. Many certificates therefore end up stacked in cabinets.
Mario schmid, who was born in steinwiesen and has lived in wallenfels since 1993, has been an athletic person from childhood onwards. It all started with mother/child gymnastics at the SV, to which he is still loyal. Then he played fubball in the D-jugend. When it came to the foundation of an athletics department, that was his thing right away. Especially the throwing disciplines (javelin, discus, hammer, ball) appealed to him. But when it came to training, he also reached the limits of what he could do. That's why he joined the independent athletic club (UAC) kulmbach, where he found optimal training conditions at the kulmbach-stadtsteinach throwing center. Here he was able to build on his strengths in the throwing funfkampf (with weight throw).

Successful track and field athlete

He participated in numerous national and international competitions with success. In 2010 he won the third place in the weight throw at the european championships. In all throwing disciplines he established himself among the best eight in europe. The 2012 world indoor athletics championships with winter throwing in finland was another sporting highlight for the wallenfelser. Here he lay in the ball bustle (8.) and in the discus throw (5.) again among the top 10 in the world. Further participations in the world championships and european championships followed with good results.
He regularly participates in german and bavarian championships. Only this year he became bavarian runner-up in the throwing funfight and at the "oberfrankische" three times champion (shot put, discus, javelin).
Mario schmid is not only involved in sports, but also volunteers as a deputy church administrator. "I will probably have to tread more lightly with this", in view of the tasks ahead of him as BLSV district chairman, he reveals. He approaches this office with ambition and motivation and wants to make a difference in the sports district. This is easier in certain positions than with ordinary members. One is closer to decision makers, he said.
Professionally and athletically, he sees good prerequisites for asserting himself in some things, even in a hard-nosed way, says the former sergeant major in the german army
he has been working in law enforcement since 2001. In his sporting disciplines, he is an individual fighter, but as BLSV district chairman he is aware that he will be relying on teamwork. "Only in cooperation with the district executive committee and the associations can we make a difference", is confident.

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