Nice neighbor to the rescue

Nice neighbor to the rescue

They obviously still exist in kitzingen: great, helpful neighbors who help out in a pinch without asking for long: because her pre-ordered cab didn’t show up on the second christmas holiday, marion livingston from kitzingen was pretty desperate: she had to call at

"We made a mistake. In 99 percent of the cases the reservation works out. " Brigitte sauerschell, chairman of the kitzingen cab center

6.26 o’clock catch her train at the main station in wurzburg, so that she will be in frankfurt in time to fly from there to dallas.

The woman had planned everything perfectly: two days before, she had already reserved her cab at 5.30 o’clock booked. And the lady at the kitzingen cab center had assured her: "as soon as this is in the computer, it’s safe. You don’t have to worry about that."

26. December, 5.35 o’clock: mrs. Livingston calls the central office, learns that there is probably only one driver on the road. By the time she reaches him, he’s on his way to uffenheim, has obviously overlooked the order in the computer or has estimated the time wrongly.

5.45 o’clock, time is running out, mrs. Livingston calls again, gets the tip to try the cab stand in wurzburg. "Too late," it says, "there is no time left for this."

In desperation, the woman rings her neighbor out of bed shortly before six o’clock. Despite the time it takes to get up in the morning, it doesn’t take long: minutes later, mrs. Livingston and her daughter are sitting in the kitzinger’s car, and five minutes before the train leaves, the three of them are in wurzburg: the track is found in no time at all, the train is caught, and so is the plane – happy endings.

But mrs. Livingston is so angry that she calls this newspaper from her home town of lubbock to complain about the cab center. When we ask, the chairman of the cab center, brigitte sauerschell, doesn’t beat around the bush either. "We made a mistake. 99 percent of the time, the reservation works out. Something like this must not happen, we can only apologize." She wants to write to mrs. Livingston, send her a gift certificate.

Sauerschell also finds the helpfulness of the neighbor great. And the latter, in turn, is very happy that mrs. Livingston still managed to catch her train and plane. "I didn’t know if it worked," he says on the phone, asking that his name not be revealed. "For me, it was a matter of course to help."

A really nice story to round off 2013.

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