No space for events

Only in november last year the "chapel association buch maria hilfe der christen" was founded has been founded. At the general meeting on tuesday, chairman waldemar kleetz informed that the matters of the foundation of the association with the tax office have been settled in the meantime. The registration in the register of associations will take place in the next few days.

The renovated aubenkreuz on the north side to the right of the tower was rededicated at the bucher kirchweih. In addition, a total of three church meetings were held. Gertraud seeberger presented the cash report 2018. Accordingly, 1680 euros were received through donations alone, plus church collections and membership fees. On the other hand, among other things, the renovation costs for the cross in the amount of 1618 euros, so that the account balance of the association is about 450 euros. Renate engelhardt and hedwig nagel have audited the cash and have confirmed a flawless management.

Under the agenda item "miscellaneous" it was mentioned that last year a baptism had taken place in the bucher chapel on the church’s own initiative. However, baptisms are usually held in the parish church in gremsdorf. The 15 members present were unanimous in their opinion that baptisms and marriages should only be possible for local residents, in order to prevent so-called event events. Registrations had to be made through the parish office in gremsdorf. For this purpose a unanimous membership resolution was passed

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