Pippa middleton confirms pregnancy

Pippa middleton confirms pregnancy

Pippa middleton (34) is expecting her first child. The younger sister of british duchess kate (36) confirmed this on thursday in her fitness column for the magazine of the waitrose supermarket chain. Rumors had been circulating in the media for weeks.

Unlike her older sister, she did not suffer from morning sickness, wrote pippa middleton. "I was lucky to get through the first twelve weeks without morning sickness. That’s why I could just carry on as normal," middleton says in her column. Kate had suffered from severe nausea during all three of her pregnancies.

For middleton, according to her own statements, fitness during pregnancy is very important. "I notice how my body is changing and i am gaining weight," writes the duchess’s sister in the magazine. But she also feels how her regular training makes her body strong for pregnancy, birth and the phase after. In addition, her fitness regime helps ensure that "my old favorite jeans will still fit after I have a baby!". Pippa middleton married hedge fund manager james matthews (42) in may 2017.

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