Raimund wehner celebrates his 90th birthday. Birthday

Raimund Wehner celebrates his 90th birthday. Birthday

Raimund wehner is currently the oldest male resident of gefall. On sunday, 28. October, the widower is buried in the family, which is now "blessed with five grandchildren and one great-grandchild", his 90. Celebrating a birthday.

The jubilarian describes it as his great good fortune that he is "still relatively fit for his age. He is still able to live in his own house, but is cared for by his eldest daughter.

Keenly interested in world affairs, wehner regularly reads his newspaper and watches the news on television every day.

Raimund wehner was born on 28. October 1928 in waldfenster. The family moved to gefall in 1932. Wehner also attended elementary school there until 1943. A year later, on the 5th of october. November 1944, father georg wehner was reported missing in action. "Then the trouble started", nothing to eat, bad times. It must be buried deep, because after so many years, wehner still has all the data saved.

A week after he was reported missing, he had to go to werberg near wildflecken for training "they called it "wehrertuchtigung" (punishment) – training for military service. In the same year, he began training as a locksmith at siemens in bad neustadt, germany. And already came the call for eight-week war training. "Failure to attend threatened court martial", says wehner. While still undergoing further training with the "volkssturm, it was the young man’s turn to go to war in wurzburg". "Thank goodness we were able to avoid this fate". Because an officer advised the two dozen men to save themselves. "Then I am off." He no longer knows how he got home. "Love at first sight it was when he met his wife gertrud in 1949, whom he married four years later. The couple moved into their parents’ house, took over the small farm and provided it with. Four children, a son and three daughters, were born of the marriage.

In the meantime, wehner was with the "amis" in wild spots have been hired. He worked there for 38 years as a heating engineer and other jobs until he retired in 1991.

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