The fire department was not bored

the fire department was not bored

This is how georg schlereth has been doing his duty at the nachsten for 40 years. During this time, says the 57-year-old, a lot has changed, especially in technology. There were also many new regulations. It already starts with safety. In former times this was not handled so strictly. Schlereth wants to stay active until he is 63 years old, as far as his health allows. Celebrate your birthday with the fire department.

Commander klaus preisendorfer honored the two "draft horses" for 30 years of active service of the waldfenster fire department, thomas straub and steffen schlereth, from. Steffen schade was appointed fire chief, and from next year he will be in charge of the second group, as it was announced.

The fire department club currently has 213 members. Exactly one-third of them are on active duty, preisendorfer reported. He went into detail about the missions in the past year – eight THL missions, one oil spill and one traffic accident at platz (the investigation is still ongoing), for which 67 man-hours were spent.
"We were not bored this year, said the commander. In addition to the training sessions, the men and women had also completed a number of training courses.

Diligently worked, namely 17 exercises with 254 man-hours, had also the currently 14 respiratory protection equipment carriers. Furthermore, the report of the group leader gunter kessler showed that two new members joined the group. However, klaus schlereth leaves the respiratory protection group after 22 years of service.

Youth on the march
The local youth fire department continues to make progress. As thomas straub informed in his review, four young people joined the fire department after the information event in march, so that currently 17 boys and 13 girls are preparing for active duty. At the end of the year, three young people change to adults.

"The fire departments are and will be well equipped in the market town of burkardroth", said district fire inspector marco brust. A well-trained and motivated team needs the right equipment to meet the changing demands. Brust paid great praise to the volunteers: "you do excellent youth work". Even mayor waldemar bug knew that it was not is easy to provide for new blood in the associations and thanked for the successful commitment.
"The accident in platz showed again that it is important for firefighters to know their job and be on the spot when help is needed", deacon michael schlereth expressed the thanks of the church side.

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