The volleys are not rewarded for their good play

The volleys are not rewarded for their good play

TG russelsheim II – hammelburg volleys 3:0 (26:24, 29:27, 25:19). "I have one laughing eye and one crying eye. Twice we were very close to winning the set, but unfortunately did not reward ourselves. With us, sometimes youthful recklessness is still at play, while russelsheim, with its experienced players like anton borger and philipp schumann, has simply remained patient", hammelburg’s head coach karl kaden summed it up.

Four home victories in four games, most recently over defending champions grafing and runners-up schwaig: the hesse team’s favoritism was more than clear in the game against the hammelburg volleys, who were unable to follow up their important win against gotha and were beaten by both mainz (0:3) and grafing (1:3). The role of the underdog seemed to be tailor-made for the people of lower franconia. In keeping with the script, the hosts started with a 5:0 lead. But eventually the boys from the saale took a liking to putting their own spin on the obvious story of the game. At 8:7, contact was made with the opponent, who from then on could no longer be sure of his cause. With the score at 20:19, the match entered the decisive phase of the opening set, which could have finally tipped in favor of the guests at 24:24, before the first league reserve of the united volleys frankfurt was able to confirm the trend of the youngest players.

But the hammelburgers’ ambition was now aroused, their confidence in their own strengths in mind and body was present. Early in the set, the team took its first lead ever (2-1), setting the stage for an extremely exciting match. At the second technical timeout, the volleys were leading 19:16, which the hessians had corrected at 21:21. Again it went into extension at 24:24, including a hammelburg set point at 27:26 – it was to be the last point for the volleys in the second set. A controversial decision by the referee was more than annoying, as the score was not 23:20 but 22:21 for hammelburg. "But that was not the decisive point, because we still had our chances afterwards", says kaden.

Well played, but nothing to show for it. What should also prove to be a mental mortgage. In the third set, the hessians began with a concentrated effort, going up 8:4 and 16:13 to win the set and the match in relative safety, which was a done deal after 81 minutes of play. "The decisive factor in this set was the poor start, which we were unable to make up this time. "In russelsheim only the last quantchen luck and in some situations the necessary patience was missing. We must continue to train well in order to bring the decisive points to our side against top teams as well," said, says kaden. An opinion that was also shared by moritz rauber: "we played well in the first two sets, but in some situations we did not show the necessary patience.. In the last sentence, we no longer reached our actual capacity", said the 21-year-old eagle attacker.

Hammelburg’s player hannes krochmann was honored with the silver MVP award. All this, by the way, in front of a hand-paying crowd of 35. "It was very quiet in the hall. My guys kept pushing each other, and with the support of the fans we created more atmosphere than our hosts", said kaden. A multiple is expected on saturday in the saaletalhalle for the frankenderby against SV schwaig. In order to make a success of the fight to stay in the league, there is no way around a shoulder-to-shoulder alliance with the fans.

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