Tv ebern makes further ground against relegation good

Tv ebern makes further ground against relegation good

To the ruckrunden-premiere defeated the eberner have thus made the connection to the rear midfield. The first opportunity had the guests by feyler, the leather in the 5. Minute just past the TV home set. Better did it three minutes later ammon, who scored after wonderful vorarbeit of female with direct shot the 1:0. In the further course of the first half, the spectators saw slight advantages of the "gymnasts", who had opportunities to extend their lead through elflein and ammon, while there was little to be seen from the visitors in this section.

In the final phase, kohler is unstoppable

The scheuerfelder increased their attacking efforts after the change, which in the 52nd minute was a great success. In the second minute, feyler was rewarded with the equalizer when he took advantage of a positional error in the ebern defense. The hosts lacked a playful line in this phase. A true goal festival in the final quarter of an hour. When kollmer scored in the 72nd minute. After he was taken off his legs in the penalty area in the second minute, beck scored on the follow-up shot after the penalty to make it 2:1. Five minutes later, kohler takes advantage of a gift from the visitors to make it 3:1. Kohler was the one who, after a wonderful assist from fischer, who crossed the ball without needing to be helped, only had to slot the ball in for the 4:1 lead. In turn, tezel shortened, but put kohler with his third goal of the day in the 87th minute. Minute the old goal difference, whereby the otherwise good gastekeeper helped out.

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