“When the factory gate opens …”

Coburg photographer manfred nehab is always on the lookout for technical facilities or companies where he can capture the mood and atmosphere of the place with his camera while the plant is in operation. Some time ago he had the opportunity to explore a hydroelectric power plant in the itzgrund with his camera. The result is a fascinating series of pictures that can currently be seen in the coburg city library.

Almost museum-like

Manfred nehab describes this photo tour as "time travel", where he felt he was "entering a bygone world". He was fascinated by the fact that the almost museum-like facility is still in operation.

The result is an atmospheric series of pictures documenting the impressive power of this earthenware, cast-iron machine, the powdery dust covering everything like a blanket of snow, and the special atmosphere.

The grinding mill, presumably with its origins in the 16th century. The house, which dates back to the nineteenth century, has been in the possession of the present owner family since 1887. Contracts or documents from the origins are no longer available, probably it was created on the basis of special privileges or by special rights. Driven by three waterwheels, it was the main source of income for the owners. The sagewerk is still fully preserved and operational, but is now only run as a hobby, according to a press release from the coburg city library.

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