50 Cents per hour in the clinic parking lot

50 cents per hour in the clinic parking lot

For about six weeks now, they have stood like a reminder at the entrance to the parking lot of the kitzingen hospital: the newly erected barriers are not yet in operation – but that will change as of monday, 2. December, abrupt change. Then there’s the news: hospital parking will be subject to charges.

With this step, the hospital hopes to discourage permanent parkers from the surrounding area. According to uwe pfeiffle, deputy chairman of the hospital, the barriers caused bottlenecks in the parking lot. Finding a parking space often resembles a game of chance. The aim was to create "more parking spaces for patients and relatives".

In this context, the clinic had long considered building a parking garage, but then decided on a solution with what is known in the local vernacular as a "parking management system. For this, the clinic had to dig deep into its pockets: to create the technical prerequisites with fully automatic barriers and two payment machines, "a high five-digit sum" was required.

The 205-bed hospital has based its parking fees, which will apply from next week, on those of the parking lots in kitzingen: in future, one hour will be charged at 50 cents. In addition, there are to be daily and weekly ticks for the 260 parking spaces. As far as the company’s own employees and possible compensation are concerned, "we are still talking," says pfeiffle.

Ten minutes free

The parking ticket taken at the entrance is paid for at one of the two new automatic pay stations. If you’re just checking in or out, you don’t have to pay anything: up to ten minutes are free.

In addition, several of these short-term parking spaces are now offered directly at the house. Improvements have also been made for the disabled as part of the redesign: their parking spaces are now barrier-free at a side entrance to the clinic.

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