Arger in the delay? – hamilton tweets about button

Arger in the delay? - hamilton tweets about button

"That is a pity. After three years as a teammate, i thought we would respect each other, but he clearly doesn’t," grumbled the formula 1 driver, nico rosberg’s teammate from next year onwards at the german factory racing team mercedes, after the japanese grand prix.

But that was not enough. "The funny thing is that we’re STILL teammates," hamilton added in the direction of his current mclaren partner. One hour after his remarks about the button, hamilton put on the ruckwartsgang: "my mistake." He had just found out that button had never followed him. "Do not blame him! I must be more on twitter!"

Hamilton’s renewed short message pose did not remain uncommented in his homeland. "Twitter about-face: lewis hamilton is forced to apologize to jenson button after ‘unfollow’ talk," wrote the "daily mirror". "Mclaren’s lewis hamilton has unleashed a fresh twitter storm," judged "the independent.".

And it is not the first. After qualifying for the belgian grand prix, hamilton even had the temerity to publish telemetry data on the internet; an absolute outrage in the highly technical world of formula 1, which is geared toward honoring its own achievements. At the time, the team immediately asked him to remove the graphic again. Button, too, was less than pleased at the time. Button did not respond to his teammate’s latest short messages until noon on monday.

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