Back at eye level: nagelsmann “more tense” at the summit

Back at eye level: nagelsmann 'more tense' at the summit

Finally a real summit meeting again! After years of sole rule by FC bayern munchen, the fubball-bundesliga will once again see a league hit at eye level on saturday.

In the absolute top match of the series champion at arch rival borussia dortmund (18.30 o’clock/sky) this time it’s not just about pride and prestige, but above all about leading the table. Accordingly, in the course of the week there were one or the other battle announcements from both camps. "Let them come," BVB boss hans-joachim watzke rejoices. Bayern coach julian nagelsmann picked up the ball. "It was already open sights," he said: "but we will come, I can promise that."

With only one point ahead, the munich team, shaken by the corona vortex, will go into the duel just 15.000 spectators – and without their leader joshua kimmich and possibly also without his congenial partner leon goretzka. BVB is thus the rough hope of all neutral fans hoping for an end to the munchner’s title streak, which has already lasted nine years.

Haaland vs. Lewandowski

Erling haaland is not fit for 90 minutes after a total of 40 days off with injury, but he will be in the starting eleven. And thus ready for the eagerly awaited goal-scoring summit with robert lewandowski, who oscillates between frustration and defiance after missing the ballon d’or.

The duel captivates not only BVB and bayern fans. "For the league, these are great conditions. One often chalks up the bundesliga to the fact that it is perhaps not so exciting. Tomorrow evening at 18.30 o’clock it will be very exciting," said nagelsmann. And he admitted: "I noticed last night that I was a bit more tense than before other games."

His colleague marco rose also misses the point. "Tomorrow won’t necessarily decide the german championship," he said on friday: "but it’s a game with a signal effect."The last six duels were all won by bayern. "We haven’t been successful for so long," said rose, who had beaten FC bayern in both home games during his two years at monchengladbach: "now we have the chance again and we want to take it. We have managed to stay on this far. Now we have them in our own stadium and we want to try to hurt them."

Unrest on both sides

Best probably by haaland. "We try to stop it," said nagelsmann. "The same task has BVB: to stop the best striker in the world."

Although both sides have recently been in turmoil – dortmund after the embarrassing champions league exit, munich due to the ongoing issue of unvaccinated professionals and the turbulence surrounding the qatar issue at the annual general meeting – both are going into the absolute league hit with a broad chest. "This is a special game," said bayern’s offensive player leroy sane: "we want to show everyone that we are number one."

Apart from the sporting battle announcements, however, provocations in the run-up remained absent. Also from the sports chiefs michael zorc and hasan salihamidzic, who have not spoken out after their public quarrel three months ago. "The topic is done for me," assured zorc but: "and for a long time."

Coaches play it cool

Rose is nevertheless also striving for looseness. When asked about an alleged training dispute between his players thomas meunier and raphael guerreiro, he initially claimed that he had "not been aware of it at all. Then, laughing, he explained: "I had the impression that they were talking about the christmas holiday. Perhaps they did not agree on where to go. Maybe the one has also taken away the other one’s flight."

Either way, "the mood afterwards was relaxed," rose said: "both had dinner together, everything was fine."Also nagelsmann gave himself in the lottery. He put the chances of goretzka, who has a patella tendon injury, playing at 60:50, expressing his optimism. According to "bild" he was present at the final training, which had to end serge gnabry prematurely. His mission is apparently also shaky.

Only 15.000 spectators

That instead of the hoped-for 67.000 or at least 27,000 fans can ultimately only be 15,000 fans, rose finds "bitter. People came back little by little, and we won seven home games in a row. In this game had done us particularly well." Also nagelsmann explained, he was preferred to play in front of a full house.

Watzke also wants to turn the embarrassing champions league exit into a good omen. "It’s all happened before," he said: "i can still remember very well that in the 11/12 season we were knocked out of the champions league in the fall. We had the same discussion and the same exchange. But we have turned it into positive energy. We have to do that now."In the end, BVB under coach jurgen klopp won the title and, with a furious 5:2 victory over bayern in the final, also the cup.

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