Because it rained in torrents: amanda was allowed to perform in the church

Because it rained in torrents: amanda was allowed to perform in the church

Two sold-out performances show how popular ventriloquist sebastian reich and his hippo amanda are in franconia. For the performances in the "herzo-summer" on saturday and sunday the tickets were quickly sold out.

However, on the second day the weather did not play along at all, and so the visitors, who had already bought their tickets, were asked to come in spite of the persistent rain. "The event will take place", was affirmed. That’s what she did, but a bit different than expected.

"We already had technical problems with the rain on friday", said andrea poltl of the cultural office of the city to the FT. Because the rain on sunday was even more persistent and it was feared that the wet might affect the power supply, the city resorted to plan B – in consultation with city pastor helmut hetzel. Without pulling, the clergyman opened the city parish church.

Joie de vivre is important

It had already been discussed in advance that performances of the theater summer could be moved to the church, hetzel said in response to an FT inquiry. So why shouldn’t the same be true for the popular amanda?.

Reich made people laugh, hetzel said. And exactly that is something important, also in the christian faith. "God wants the happiness of the people", said hetzel. Joie de vivre should be valued very highly.

The organizer, the actor and the voices from the audience see it the same way. "Thank you herzogenaurach for the great evening in a very special ambience", writes sebastian reich on his facebook page. He is impressed by hetzel’s willingness to accommodate him. "You have to stick together in these times", the pastor said and spontaneously opened the door for amanda and her audience, reich reports on facebook. "The weather and the damp technology had otherwise put a spoke in our wheel."

The comedian also gave a short statement to the FT. "I was very grateful to the pastor for offering this opportunity." In his opinion, the exclusively positive comments on facebook also show how happy people are when it comes to these "special times" to "special releases and to this community cohesion comes. And further: "or as amanda would say – herzo has heart!"

Enthusiastic comments

The comments on reich’s facebook page are universally praiseworthy and enthusiastic. 62 were there until yesterday afternoon. "Wonderful – that is our pastor hetzel", writes christine S. From herzogenaurach and immediately gives three thumbs up. His "heartfelt thanks to the pastor" prints nici H. From. As you can see, humanity is not yet completely lost in this world. Also margret M. Finds it "great that something like this exists" and claims: "god had a lot to laugh about"." Brigitte S. Erganzt: "super, i think that is so great! Unbureaucratic and quickly helped, that’s what i call secular church."

Similar comments from others. Sabine S. Means "just great, cool pastor, definitely thumbs up". Adrian M. Speaks to the joy of life: "you bring so much joy to the people in this difficult time. Sincere thanks for that!" Helmut S. Thanked for a "very great gesture from the church", nina K. Erganzte: "why also not laugh in the house of worship?" And several times there was the statement: "this is how church should be."

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