Year after year the same dilemma: the bus is completely overcrowded, drive past the bus stop and leave the mountain fans standing there in the rain, well, this year in the blazing sunshine. In some parts of the village it is necessary to wait for an hour for the bus to arrive.

It gets funny when you like to take a cab. It is not so much easier. A not at all unfriendly voice from the central office explains that it can take half an hour for the cab to arrive. "It’s berg, you understand…" Half an hour is definitely shorter than waiting for the bus. But at the bus stop of all places there is a problem. For the not so friendly voice wanted to have an address. Only the indication of the bus stop is not enough. "Our drivers do not like it so much…" As if i was standing at the bus stop for pleasure…

When a good hour later neither a cab arrives nor the next overcrowded bus rushes by, that’s it for this day on the mountain. A lot of money saved, at least that’s what your mountain reporter thinks.

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