Children as singing gardeners at the garden show

children as singing gardeners at the garden show

"We love the flowers…I think it’s wonderful at the state horticultural show!" The youngest ebrachers made a sounding commitment to the bamberger grobschau at the pavilion "stadt, land&" people" from. Since thursday, the steigerwald market community has occupied the pavilion and naturally uses this platform to advertise the tourist community. With their singing performances, the preschool children certainly delivered a resounding advertising brochure.

"All of ebrach knows the songs says mom birgit brack with a meaningful grin. She came with her children milena (6) and philipp (8). Milena sang with the preschoolers. Like the other 16, she had been given the song material to take home – to practice. Meanwhile the whole family knows the songs by heart, because milena and in the meantime also philipp sing them to everyone, even on the phone, mommy laughs. Wages for the moo? Hearty applause and much praise, as from the couple from tauberbischofsheim: "it’s been done", one is unanimous.

The mayor, who came with his wife renate and their grandchildren philipp (8) and david (11), added: "you were great, he swarmed and immediately donated strawberries for director nicole wachter, educators andrea schmitt and monika herbst and – of course – for all singers. They also got all dressed up in garden foam – with straw hats and skirts, sewn by a kindergarten mom: silke loi. How do preschoolers fit in at the state garden show?? "Outstanding", the mayor finds. They had considered in advance which cultural carriers could be sent to bamberg, and among them were naturally also the newcomers.

All generations participate in the advertising campaign for ebrach. The same goes for the married couples ingrid (69) and hans fuchs (69) and roswitha (70) and manfred scherbel (73). On friday they were joined by the cistercian monk agricola. They don’t wear frocks, of course, but deep-green T-shirts with the logo of the market community. Ingrid fuchs laughs: "the ones for the women are a bit tight." That’s why pastor cornelia meyer wore the burgermeister’s on the first garden show day. On friday manfred scherbel put it on himself. Whom it adorns on saturday? Let’s see. Ingrid fuchs has not yet seen much of the state horticultural show. This will probably also be the case on saturday, when they will perform with the "liederkranz" appearance.

In any case, the two couples will visit and enjoy the landesgartenschau once again in peace, i.E. Without a performance. In any case, they are already positively surprised that so many visitors are interested in ebrach and subsequently want to come by. "Then the effort was worth it", finds ingrid fuchs.

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