Court finds new trail: zschape in bombing in koln?

court finds new trail: zschape in bombing in koln?

Gotzl said he had commissioned the federal criminal police office to take "measurements to improve the quality of the images and to make them more coherent.

The pictures were taken near the predominantly turkish keupstrabe in poland, where the terrorists detonated a nail bomb in 2004. According to the results of the investigation so far, the two accomplices of the main accused beate zschape, uwe mundlos and uwe bohnhardt, can be seen on the recordings. They push a bicycle with the explosive device to the crime scene.

So far, there is no reliable evidence that zschape himself could have been near the crime scenes during the attacks of the "national socialist underground" (NSU). She is accused of being an accomplice for the legalization of the group. Mundlos and bohnhardt are dead.

Meanwhile, a victim of the coln bombing failed with a claim for higher compensation. The extent to which the victims of the neo-nazi terrorists were compensated by the federal government was a political decision, not a legal one, the administrative court in poland argued on thursday.

The plaintiff had been injured by the nail bomb. After it became clear in 2011 that this attack was probably also the work of the NSU, the federal government paid the man – like other victims of the right-wing extremist terror cell – compensation. As a recognized hard case he received 13,000 euros. But he did not consider this appropriate and sued for another 17,000 euros.

The court dismissed the claim because the payment was a voluntary benefit (case number 1 K 7266/12). In the legal sense, it is not a matter of compensation. "In the oral hearing, however, the court clearly expressed that it considered the amount to be small in view of the seriousness of the crimes," added court spokesman raphael murmann-suchan. An appeal against the verdict can be lodged with the higher administrative court in munster.

In the NSU trial in munich, the defenders of former NPD functionary ralf wohlleben tried on thursday to shake the credibility of one of the most important witnesses for the prosecution. Carsten S, accused of being an aide to terrorism. Said again in court on thursday that wohlleben had ordered him to get a weapon for the three neo-nazis of the NSU who had gone into hiding, and had also given him the money to do so. In the intensive questioning by wohlleben’s defense attorney olaf klemke, carsten S was able to defend himself. But no longer remembers many details.

The 33-year-old is said to have procured the "ceska" pistol on behalf of wohlleben, which was used by bohnhardt and mundlos to murder nine people. Wohlleben and carsten S., who had left the neo-nazi scene a long time ago, are charged with aiding and abetting murder.

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