Double, secure and favorable

Double, secure and favorable

Today's firefighters can already tell by the special ring tone of their private cell phones that they have to rush to the scene of the fire. Cell phones have long played an important role in alerting many fire departments in the district, including bad kissingen. City fire chief harald albrecht is a devotee of this technology. However, he also points out minor weaknesses in the system.
An alert is based on two pillars, explains albert: first, the rescuers are called by siren and radio alarm clock. This is not unproblematic; often the howling sounds are overheard because the houses are becoming increasingly soundproof or because the sirens – as in reiterswiesen – are far away. In addition, there are no longer any in many new construction areas. And not every firefighter always has his or her radio alarm clock with them. Finally, there has already been a legal dispute: a man felt that his sleep was disturbed by the siren's wailing…

Improved again and again

That's where the ubiquitous cell phones come in – for dual alerting. The system in bad kissingen was set up in 2001 and has been improved again and again. At first, those rescuers who were on a certain list were called one by one. But that lasted five to ten minutes. That was too long.
In the meantime there is a collection number. Example: albert needs a five-headed team to open a door. He chooses a number, the server, which stands in nudlings "female" exactly who he is now – at the same time "ringing" must. The system has been continually improved over the years. He says it's "usually almost safer than the first alarm." However, it is not a substitute, but only a sensible addition.

"Convenient alternative"

Albert said the alarms are going off in parallel: "my radio alarm goes off and my cell phone rings at the same time." Unless you're in one of the rare radio holes. Or the networks are overloaded, such as on new year's eve. Another advantage is the price. Depending on the number of alarms, the bad kissingen fire department incurs costs of up to 100 euros per month.
The firefighter from bad kissingen, jurgen dosch, thinks the whole thing is "good to very good". It goes "in a jiffy."
District fire chief benno metz called the cell phone alarm "a convenient alternative for firefighters." It is quite widespread in the county. And: "I have nothing against it", but the system is not approved for initial alerting.
For the past three or four years, the munnerstadt fire department has also been using the cell phone for alerting. Commander jurgen bruckmuller referred to the good experiences, most recently with the large fire in the city center: "i can reach everyone. This is not guaranteed with 30 radio alarms for 45 active members.
Walter emmert, deputy commander of the hammelburg fire department, has no experience yet. The cell phone alarm system has been in operation in the districts since december, and is currently being set up in hammelburg. It is "a useful addition," said to the 50 radio alarm clocks, emmert said.

Most of them join in

"No, unfortunately not yet" – the bad bruckenau fire department does not use cell phones. Commander michael krug said that planning was still underway. The importation is planned, but it is because of the money. Krug spoke of a "sensible story".
"I have all but ten of them in the district", said alexander frey. He is the commander of the nudlingen fire department and owner of a radio service that organizes cell phone alerts for around 700 fire departments in germany, austria and luxembourg. About 100 of these are in the bad kissingen district. Frey said that a radio alarm clock costs around 400 euros, and that the cell phone alarm is cheap and reliable. That there can be problems, he knows. But this is due to the location of the town, which is surrounded by mountains.
An alarm box with radio message receiver and network card is necessary. It can be used across fire departments and communities. Up to 100 alarm loops are managed with it. The (integrated) control center calls the various fire departments to action as usual. The box picks up the sound sequences and sends the forces to be understood to the server via the internet. The software sends SMS or calls (also to landlines) to the stored phone numbers the message via telephone system. All firefighters are reached at the same time. If you accept the call, you can accept or reject it at the touch of a button. Otherwise the call will be repeated – even several times.
115 volunteer fire departments with 5450 active members, including 420 women, exist in the district of bad kissingen. In addition, there are three plant fire departments with 100 members. In 96 youth groups are 211 0 young women and 740 men organized. A total of 12,700 people belong to the volunteer fire departments. That's twelve percent of the district's population. Ed

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