Eu puts german cities under pressure over bad air

Eu puts german cities under pressure over bad air

It is not up to brussels to decide how to comply with the limit values, he said in brussel on thursday. EU commission refuses to impose deadlines for compliance with nitrogen dioxide limits in 33 of 57 german regions, as already announced on monday.

Potocnik’s spokesman cited higher parking fees, stricter environmental zones, speed limits or a ban on cars over ten years old from the affected cities as examples of possible ways to reduce nitrogen dioxide pollution. Brussels complains that german authorities have not yet demonstrated that they can significantly improve air quality by 2015. Nitrogen dioxide, like fine dust, is a pollutant that poses a health risk.

Brussel criticizes nitrogen dioxide pollution in virtually all german metropolitan areas. The situation is criticized in berlin, magdeburg, halle, leipzig, dresden, hamburg, munich, the ruhr area, coln, dusseldorf, mainz, frankfurt am main, kiel, munich, nurnberg, augsburg, karlsruhe, mannheim, heidelberg and stuttgart, among other places. However, proceedings against germany for violation of eu law have not yet been initiated. This may happen if no rapid improvement is introduced.

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