Fiber optics to the school

At the most recent meeting of the hebdorf municipal council, mayor horst rehder (BB) informed the council that, according to the construction management, the remaining work on construction phase I (old building) of the general renovation of the elementary school in hannberg will be completed by the end of the fall vacations. In the next few days, work will also resume on the roofs, and work on the west facade in the area of the transition between the old building and the honeycomb building will be completed.

There are still some problems with the playground, but the temporary and secured playground will be available until the middle of december. In order to satisfy the schoolchildren's need for exercise during the breaks, the school administration is using a variety of equipment, and when the school gymnasium is completed, it will be incorporated into the break area.

Since the state of bavaria currently requires 80 percent of the costs of fiber-optic connections for school buildings in accordance with the so-called WLAN directive, the application and award procedure was initiated by a specialist office. In principle, a gigabit-capable and continuous fiber-optic line to the building was required for the connection of the elementary school in hannberg. In the event that all bids exceed the 50000 euro threshold, a proviso was included in the invitation to tender with the possibility of cancelling the award procedure.

Pipes have already been laid

The companies telekom deutschland gmbh, vodafone kabel deutschland gmbh, netcom BW gmbh and M-net telekommunikations gmbh were invited to submit a bid. Only the offer from the telecommunications subsidiary T-systems international gmbh was received. As part of the construction of the school facilities, empty pipes for the fiber-optic connection were installed, among other things. The bidding company was therefore requested to submit a corrected bid using the empty conduits that had been installed. In the corrected offer, the total cost is now around 35,700 euros. The offer thus meets the legal requirement for a continuous fiber-optic connection, and the municipal council commissioned the company T-systems to provide the connection.

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