Harsdorf invests in the water network

Harsdorf invests in the water network

The presentation of the concept for upgrading the harsdorf water supply system by erich hahn of the engineering office IBP, kulmbach, took up a large part of the meeting of the harsdorf town council on tuesday evening. It is still not decided whether the future will continue to be supplied by the deep well near ramsenthal shared by the communities of harsdorf and bindlach, or whether there will be a connection to the "bayreuth branch" the fernwasserversorgung oberfranken comes.

Independently of this decision, the community council was aware that the existing water elevated tanks and pumping stations in oberlaitsch, at the TSV sports field and in altenreuth had to be brought up to scratch in order to be able to react more flexibly to the future water supply. It is already clear that the price of water per cubic meter will be 5 cents higher if there are no high reservoirs available. As far as the deep well between sandreuth and ramsenthal is concerned, however, the existing water protection area would have to be extended and would also affect part of the built-up area of ramsenthal.

Erich hahn was out and about in the municipal area together with water maintenance engineer andreas stein to get a precise picture of the condition of the facilities. Hahn pointed out that, in addition to the structural modifications, the mechanical, electrical and instrumentation systems also need to be upgraded. Here hahn assumed estimated costs (excluding ancillary construction costs) of around 871,000 euros (net). 265,000 euros and 232,000 euros have been budgeted for the elevated tank and the pumping station at the sports field and in oberlaitsch alone. For altenreuth, the financial outlay for the pumping station and the elevator is the largest, totaling 302,000 euros.

Costs of 435,750 euros (net) were calculated for the rehabilitation of the existing pipeline network of the harsdorf drinking water supply system. As erich hahn explained, the municipality of harsdorf can count on a subsidy of around 500,000 euros for the renovation of the buildings and 250,000 euros for the pipe network, leaving the municipality with a contribution of around half a million euros. The prerequisite for the claim is that the acceptance tests are completed by 2021.

The committee considered the concept presented for the rejuvenation of the harsdorf water supply plant to be without alternative and decided to submit the application for a grant to the hof water management office. At the same time, an application is to be made for an early commencement of the acceptance procedure for the high reserve of oberlaitsch. Mayor hubner: "due to the urgency of the matter, the planned measures to ensure security of supply and the need for fire extinguishers at the oberlaitsch elevated tank should be implemented as quickly as possible."

The building design for the upcoming development of the new building area "zettmeisel-nordwest" stands. When everything is "smooth the development work for the twelve building plots will begin in late summer this year. This pleasant news had mayor gunther hubner (CSU). The municipality of harsdorf could also win a development carrier for it. The necessary development contract is to be "fixed" in the june meeting of the municipal council, so it will be decided.

As peter ruck from the engineering firm werner from eltmann stated, a 200-meter-long and 5.50-meter-wide road with a turning ramp and a sidewalk is necessary for the development of the construction area. Sewage disposal is being carried out in a separate system; the main water supply pipeline is being laid at the same time. The construction area will be bordered by an avenue of trees facing the old town of zettmeisel; in addition, a gravelled footpath will provide a continuous connection to the zettmeisel-oberlaitsch road.

A resolution was also passed to amend the "harsdorf I" development plan to enable the construction of a multi-family dwelling with parking spaces and a single-family dwelling with a double garage on a building plot. According to the rumor, there are already objections from the neighbors of the property.

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