Lichteneiche arson now in court

lichteneiche arson now in court

"The woman was not even remotely thought to have set the fire!" Gerd schneider relays what residents of schlesienstrabe said to him. At the beginning of the year, a series of fires had kept the densely populated street in the west of the memmelsdorf district in suspense. Since a suspected resident was taken into custody, "there is peace", schneider continues. "The people here are happy that they can finally sleep again without having to worry that they will suddenly have to jump out of bed." The trial of a 77-year-old woman suspected of being responsible for the series of arsons begins today, friday, at bamberg district court. Since her arrest, the woman has been housed in a clinic.

Plotzlich homeless

The municipality of memmelsdorf was confronted with the task of accommodating 78 people from one day to the next in connection with the series of fires. After the fire in the multi-story house in schlesienstrabe, probably the largest and most damaging fire in the series, all the residents had to leave their apartments at night. In the blink of an eye, they were homeless and the community had to find them a place to stay.

Mayor schneider (no party affiliation) is deeply moved here by the willingness to help the fire victims and the community. Neighboring communities offered lodgings, the municipality of lichteneiche offered vacation apartments, and a hotelier offered his hotel. Because fire and rubbing had rendered many things unusable, the residents had literally nothing left. The community immediately set up a donation account, into which over 16,000 euros were deposited and then paid out to the fire victims.

Almost everyone back

Kristina S., who has acted as a spokesperson for the residents from the beginning, now reports to the mayor that, with the exception of a few families, "about four or five" are living there, have returned to schlesienstrabe. Among them their grandparents.

The time until they could return to schlesienstrabe in may was a very difficult one. The grandparents lived for a while with kristina S., with their mother, with their aunt and in a vacation apartment. One had even received an offer after the call of the municipality "a really nice apartment", so kristina S., "but it was just too far away".

Kristina’s grandparents also benefited from the money collected during the donation campaign. A good 500 euros were paid to the 68-year-olds. They put everything into renovating their apartment. In color, but also in means to get rid of the smell of fire in the couch.

At the beginning, the returnees had already had a somewhat queasy feeling. Especially since the information that the suspected arsonist has been caught, was not so penetrated. "Everyone was busy with so many tasks." Also lacked the imagination that such an old woman could be behind all the acts.

In the meantime, however, the parents are feeling well again. Kristina S. Reports that a new elevator has been installed in the house, the cellar (where the fire broke out) is usable again, in the course of the firefighting broken apartment doors are replaced by new ones with new locks and keys. The staircase was repainted.

Only in the entrance area the young woman has the feeling to be still reminded of the fire event from the smell. Their grandparents have also noticed a positive change after the return: a cohesion has developed among the returnees after all they had been through. Neighbors know each other now. Asking if someone needs help, vice versa offering help. "People stick together", christina S. Inspired. Residual work, however, is still underway months after the fire.

The events have also created a lot of extra work for the administration in the town hall. Although the municipality had "only" to pay for the accommodation of tenants costs of 500 euros incurred. But "we were still busy handling everything until the middle of the year", so schneider. Admittedly, one tries to draw lessons.

The municipal council has expressed itself in favor of now also intensifying efforts to acquire a multi-family house on the open market. There are apartments that are rented on a long-term basis and some shelters for the homeless that are occupied all the time. Schneider is convinced that a community with 9,000 inhabitants needs additional living space that can be made available at short notice. "Setting the course for the future takes into account the."

Further info:

Incidents: the accused is charged with the following incidents in the schlesienstrabe: setting fire to a paper container in a storage building for rubbish containers on the 2nd day after the incident. January; on 20. January the ignition of several rubbish containers in a rubbish house; on 12, february the causing of a fire in the basement of a multi-storey building; on 14. February the setting on fire of two gauze containers in a gauze house, which also burned; likewise on 14. February finding a wool blanket in the cellar of a present; on 18. February the discovery of a wooden crate in a cellar compartment. All these acts are alleged to have been committed by the defendant in a state of insanity.

Damage: the damage caused by the various fires totals 200,000 euros.

Trial: the trial will take place at the district court of bamberg, starting on friday, december 8, at 9 a.M. November, at 9 o’clock.

Dates: the trial continues on 15 and 22 february. November. 2., 3., 9., 10. And 13. December from 9 a.M., on 8. December from 1 pm and on 7. January 9 a.M.

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