Mandatory masks apply in all stores?

Mandatory masks apply in all stores?

The vast majority of people in germany consider wearing a mask to be effective protection – according to a recent survey, 80 percent do so.

On the other hand, a small part of the population wants to boycott the mask requirement. Social networks are fertile ground for the formation of these people’s opinions.

Contends that governments should not be allowed to mandate mouth-to-nose protection in businesses. Each store owner can "decide for himself", they say. This is justified with the house right.

EVALUATION: the coronavirus regulations of the federal states, which stipulate that masks must be worn in the retail trade, are binding. A store owner’s housekeeping rights do not supersede this law.

FACT: mandatory masks in retail stores are currently in place in all 16 german states. The basis for this is the infection protection act. It allows the authorities to take measures that could avert a danger from communicable diseases.

"The legislator has clearly regulated that customers in retail stores must wear mouth-nose protection," peter schroder, legal expert of the german retail association (HDE), told the deutsche presse-agentur upon request. "The regulations are effective and therefore must be complied with."

Courts in lower saxony and bavaria have confirmed that the mandatory wearing of masks is permissible. At the beginning of may, the bavarian administrative court and the lower saxonian higher administrative court dismissed petitions seeking to have the rule overturned. In both cases, the judges considered the benefit of the mouth-nose protection to be higher than the temporary restriction of the fundamental rights of freedom.

Failure to comply with mask requirement could result in fines. Who has to pay them and how high they are, is determined by the federal states.

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