Passengers on planes increasingly aggressive

Passengers on planes increasingly aggressive

Rough problems with passengers being rear-ended on board aircraft are a growing problem, according to the airlines’ governing body (IATA). Alcohol is often involved.

The association is now working with businesses and duty-free stores at airports on a campaign to warn against alcohol abuse before takeoff, according to IATA spokesman chris goater. It has not yet been decided when the campaign will start.

IATA (international air transport association) has been surveying airlines for several years about in-flight incidents. In 2016, the number of registered cases decreased by ten percent to just under 10 percent.000 back. But significantly more passengers had to be strapped into their seats because all other attempts to ease the situation were of no use. In 2015, 113 passengers had to be restrained, compared to 169 in 2016, according to IATA.

The percentage of incidents in which passengers became violent but were then calmed down rose from eleven to twelve percent. In most cases, angry passengers calmed down after the crew intervened, without getting violent. The actual numbers were certainly much higher, according to the association, which points out that only 190 of the more than 800 airlines worldwide provide information. Figures for 2017 were not yet available.

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