Police solve series of burglaries in the region

Police solve series of burglaries in the region

With the arrest of a pair of brothers in bad kissingen on tuesday morning (11. December), the police have uncovered a series of burglaries at banks that has been going on since the end of june and also affects the habberge district. Two cases were picked up by the police in the district, which may belong to this series. It is about a burglary in a bank at the end of june in untersteinbach and in a financial institution in aidhausen in september.

It started at the end of june
Since the end of june, twelve burglaries in financial institutions in the main-rhon region alone can be attributed to the duo, according to the findings of the criminal police in schweinfurt to date. The two acts in untersteinbach and aidhausen are counted among them. In all cases, the suspects mainly targeted the atms of smaller bank branches.
The two men, aged 34 and 29, have robbed a total of about 85,000 euros, according to police figures. The involvement of another, a third man, has yet to be determined. According to current estimates, the property damage amounts to around 240,000 euros.

Further burglaries
The pair of brothers from the bad kissingen district are also accused of six bank burglaries in central franconia and two further offences in swabia. In the course of the months-long investigation by the criminal police, the suspicions against the two of them grew more and more, so that the public prosecutor's office in schweinfurt obtained search warrants for a total of three apartments. On tuesday morning, the investigators were at the accused's doorstep. Extensive evidence was seized during the search, which must now be evaluated.

The safe held up
A bank in untersteinbach was searched on thursday evening, 28. June, burglarized. The perpetrators pried open various doors, but failed because of the security devices. The burglars did not make any loot. The vault of the ATM was stronger. A customer who later wanted to withdraw money discovered a shattered glass door and notified the police.

No money again
In aidhausen, too, the perpetrators had to leave without the loot after breaking into a bank. The crime was committed on the night of saturday, 8 a.M. September, the crooks had also tried to break into the ATM machine. In vain.
Both in untersteinbach and in aidhausen, the property damage was considerable. This is mainly due to the fact that the atms have suffered considerable damage.

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