Saarbrucker cirrus airlines files for insolvency

Saarbrucker cirrus airlines files for insolvency

The authority in sulzbach in the saarland, a branch of the saarbrucken district court, confirmed receipt of the insolvency petition. This was justified with the threatening insolvency, said a spokesman.

According to the federal aviation office, the operating license for cirrus is suspended with immediate effect. This means that the airline is no longer authorized to transport passengers, mail or freight in commercial traffic, as the federal office announced in braunschweig on monday. Cirrus airlines had suspended flight operations on friday evening for the time being until the end of this week. Passengers were rebooked, the 300 or so employees continued to work for the time being, cirrus had said.

Meanwhile, several airports served by cirrus are concerned about the future of the airline. The munster/osnabruck airport, from which cirrus flies to stuttgart, is paying for it. "This is a connection that is important, especially for the regional economy," said an airport spokesman. He attributed the early withdrawal of cirrus airlines to the air traffic tax introduced at the beginning of 2011.

Criticism of cirrus came from hof in upper franconia. Cirrus flies to frankfurt am main from hof-plauen airport there. The suspension of flight operations comes at the worst possible time, said harald fichtner (CSU), mayor of upper burg. In 2011, the public sector subsidized scheduled flight operations in hof to the tune of 3.6 million euros. Payments have now been suspended, of course, stressed fichtner.

According to earlier information from cirrus managing director ingrid schultheis, the airline currently maintains seven different scheduled flight connections within germany as well as to austria and switzerland. The last cirrus plane left on friday morning. Cirrus was founded in 1995 by gerd brandecker. According to schultheis, the fleet consists of seven aircraft. Last year, cirrus carried around 200,000 passengers on scheduled flights.

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