Seblach helps those in need of help

Seblach helps those in need of help

How can elderly people stay longer in their own homes, how could they be better cared for at home after a stay in hospital?? The senior citizens’ representative dr. Wolfgang hasselkus (rodental) and anja zietz from the coburg district office on tuesday evening before the seblach city council. The committee then unanimously approved the concepts for "home help" presented by the two as well as the "after-hours home visits also to be implemented in seblach. Mayor maximilian neeb () was commissioned to carry out the corresponding planning together with seniors’ representative klaus gropp (CSU).

The rodental family doctor dr. Hasselkus initiated the concept, which is intended to help affected people achieve greater independence, mobility and communication. "They act as guides and cover what an elderly person can no longer do", explained the seniors’ representative. 90 "home helpers" in 14 district communities already around 230 seniors. Volunteers with "time and heart, take care of the care, prevention and rehabilitation of your always the same reference persons. You talk to them, take them for a walk, to the doctor, or go shopping for them. They watch their diet, adapt the living space to their situation and exercise with them to improve strength and coordination and prevent falls. Hasselkus: "as in a partnership, the helpers find out how the other person is doing and recognize crises in good time." The "clients pay 8,50 euro per hour, plus travel expenses. Those involved can earn up to 2,400 euros per year as a "lump sum for exercise leaders earning without having to pay taxes and social security contributions. Their tasks also include regular service meetings and further training. Optionally, the aids can also set up exercise groups, for example with the galileo training device.

Need for action due to shorter bedtimes

Immediate measures and prevention of falls after hospitalization have become increasingly important. The layover times, as predicted by dr. Hasselkus in view of the financially precarious situation of regiomed, were further shortened, for example, to increase the economic efficiency of the coburg hospital: "elderly people will be sent home too early more and more often, because the hospital is on the brink of collapse, this is not exaggerated." The person who comes out of the hospital "is no longer the person he used to be": every week, elderly people who have to lie down lose at least one kilo of muscle mass. That’s why the returnees often felt worse than before. To prevent recurrence of falls and inadequate care, and thus the "path of the elderly to short-term or full-time care, the discharge management system already offers a post-discharge home visit in nine municipalities in the district. This is free of charge and, in addition to initial care and immediate admissions, also includes gymnastics and, if necessary. Fall training. The costs of the first visit (20 euro) and if necessary. The municipality pays for three falls training sessions (27 euros). The start-up financing of the district in the amount of 500 euros is sufficient for about three years, informed hasselkus. "The aftercare had to be part of the ethical task of a municipality", he called for the city’s involvement "we have a unique chance to intervene here"." No conflicts of interest with the weitramsdorf-seblach diaconal station or the flender’schen spitalstiftung old people’s home are to be feared, zietz explained. These institutions supported the concept and could serve as a link. Following the positive vote of the city council, volunteers are now to be recruited for both concepts.

At the beginning of the meeting, the head of the town hall had sworn in the newly elected local spokesman helmut neudecker. He will represent oberelldorf at the council table in the future, after neeb’s move to the mayor’s office meant that this district was no longer represented by a city councilor.

Popular vacation program

The seblach vacation program and children’s holiday paradise are well received, reported svenja merz, youth welfare officer, in her annual report. 203 participants took advantage of the varied 32 programs on a total of 52 out of 60 vacation days in 2018; 565 children registered for the 46 program points of the vacation paradise on 53 days. The afternoon care with its five groups is also "very well utilized" with over 60 children, merz described. The youth center has been repainted, but is currently only used by three to four young people, she said in response to a question from uwe siegel (). Carsten hollein (SPD) suggested that the offer should also be taken to the city’s neighborhoods. Merz was also disappointed by the response to a survey of children and young people in the city: only 68 of them answered the question about their needs (out of 511 questionnaires distributed). In addition to the shaker bar, which has 10 outreaches, the youth welfare department organizes children’s cinema afternoons and offers "cinema in the countryside" at the hofcafe mohnbiene in gemunda to. Driving safety training was also on the agenda. For 2019, in addition to the maintenance and expansion of the childcare facilities, we are also.A. A first-aid course and a U18 election for the european elections are planned. The shaker bar is to be renovated. A highlight will be the 4. The first stage of the jakobsweg will be; this time we will hike from mockmuhl to speyer.

After lengthy discussions and changes, the city council has now approved the new construction area heiliggrund II in heilgersdorf without a dissenting vote, through approval of the 1. Modification of the development plan. The access to the 16 building sites will now finally be from raiffeisenstrabe. A maximum of two-story new buildings are permitted.

In accordance with the sports requirement guidelines, the board unanimously approved an application from TSV gemunda for a subsidy to replace the gas tank and renew the pipelines. The city’s share of ten percent will amount to around 300 euros.

Announcements from the mayor:

– the employees of the administration will probably be able to return to their offices in june. By then, the construction work on the town hall should be completed. The platform elevator is currently being installed in the foyer.

– at the annual general meeting of the flender’schen spitalstiftung in mid april, berthold borczyk was confirmed in office as chairman and carsten hollein as his deputy. Helfried schleicher acts as treasurer, thomas rauscher as secretary. The board of directors includes pastors tobias knotig and norbert lang, home director diane alka as well as gerhard hoffmann and manfred eichler. The treasury will be audited by wolfgang brasch and rolf deschner. The members’ meeting decided on purchases of up to 25,000 euros for 2019.

– at a site meeting on the B 303 in oberelldorf, the farmers’ association demonstrated that the width of the parallel farm tracks is insufficient for coarser vehicles. As a prompt solution, a piping of the ditch is now being examined.

– since tuesday the excavators have been rolling in autenhausen, the conversion into a leisure pool has begun.

– A first coordination meeting on the implementation of the ISEK (integrated urban development concept) is to take place next week.

– the new alarm app for the fire departments has been ordered, and neeb says work is underway to implement it.

At the request of local spokesman theo fischer for a replacement planting for the lime tree removed in rothenberg, the head of the company bernd vogt said that this should be decided at a castle meeting. Possibly still a second tree must give way.

In the aftermath of the site meeting at the community center oberelldorf in mid april and the already commissioned review of the cost estimate by the architect thomas peetz, carsten hollein inquired whether the priority list would still be tackled in 2019. This denied neeb. No funds were earmarked in the budget. Further mabnahmen had to be coordinated first with the ALE (amt fur landliche entwicklung).

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