The “badekonig” retires


By our contributor anja greiner

Forchheim – robert pinzel's (60) career as a swimming instructor was never actually intended. And yet he has been in this profession for the last 37 years. Yesterday he was discharged from the service of the city of forchheim.
At the beginning of his professional life, pinzel's preferred element was not water, but metal. At siemens he trained as a mechanical engineer. Later in the army he worked as a helicopter mechanic. In 1975, he took a different path and passed his examinations as a swimming instructor. For pinzel from forchheim, the change was made for pragmatic reasons: "i was looking for a job close to home". At 21, pinzel was also the youngest swimming champion in germany.
Above all, the "dealings with different people" was what made the job so interesting for the 60-year-old. It goes without saying that some of the encounters were not always pleasant. "Especially with young people, you have to lift your finger sometimes", tells pinzel.
Mayor franz stumpf (CSU/WUO) and head of the pool walter mirschberger praised above all pinzel's integrity. When the decision was made to merge the two pools, criticism arose and "the swimming supervisor also had to take a beating," said the 21-year-old auben, reminds stumpf. Pinzel has always stood by his word "even in the face of headwinds", emphasizes OB franz stumpf. For walter mirschberger, robert pinzel was an important support, above all "because of his professionalism in the planning and implementation of the new swimming pool.
Pinzel is retiring in september and is looking forward to "doing everything without time pressure" together with his wife.

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