The kerwa in nordhalben was particularly colorful

The kerwa in nordhalben was particularly colorful

In ideal weather conditions, the people of nordhalben celebrated the church consecration in high spirits. Before the official start of the "kerwa", the another day for the "our church in the right light" project on thursday before. Since wednesday, every evening the st.-bartholomaus parish church in an impressive light installation.

At the opening, when the team around initiator rudolf ruf gave the starting signal for the action, a rough number of visitors had already arrived. In front of the (still) dark church in the center of nordhalben, the guests learned a lot about the action. It was meant to create an imaginative poetic impression – and to create images in the mind. Another sign is to be set for new joy and confidence in nordhalben. The technical equipment was provided by timmy reinel, who grew up in nordhalben and works nationwide as a DJ and recently also as an action lighting technician.

Organ music on the forecourt

Three generations of a family traditionally involved in the church community were involved in the opening event: georg simon was responsible for the financial planning, the co-organization and the contact with the church administration. His son udo – organist in st. Germany. Bartholomaus – provided a novelty during the opening: for the first time one of his virtuoso organ works was transmitted live to the audience on the church forecourt. During a dramatically massive sequence the light installation was switched on in several steps.

Reverent amazement and silent enjoyment followed for minutes, until the spectators went up to admire the impressive installation inside the church. Parish council chairwoman tanja stumpf organized a small bar – the guests took the unique opportunity to stroll around the church with a glass in hand and also to explore the details, especially in the churchyard.

The high point of the church’s consecration celebration was sunday’s high mass with pastor richard F. Rice. He said that god is not somewhere, but "here" has his home in the church. As a pastor, he is just as happy about the full church as the lord is. The motto chosen by young people is "full pot" fits the affectionately initiated kirchweih.

Seizing the opportunity

He is pleased that the high mass is in the center of the kirchweih and has a fixed place in the program. Many volunteer initiatives were again taken to make the festival special. A lot has happened in nordhalben since the border was opened, and now it is time to move on and take advantage of the opportunity to attract more citizens to the countryside who can no longer afford to live in the cities. With all the activities, the clergyman wished that one builds on god, then everything will also be good, he said.

On thursday, the "kerwamaala and kerwabuum" from the north of neck of germany were already on the move under the sounds of the local marching band to the threshing hall square, where the kick-off took place. On friday followed the kerwarrunde through the village as well as the schlager and oldie party with "DJ faxe. On saturday the music band paraded through the streets and played the "kerwa-standchen". The "kerwatanz of the generations" was the focus of the hustle and bustle on saturday evening. As in previous years, the "ghostriders" played the game in the "house of the guest at. The kerwa-wirtshaussingen of the frankenwaldverein on sunday evening in the "haus des gastes" also met with a great response.

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