These drivers collect the most points in flensburg

These drivers collect the most points in flensburg

Points in flensburg are collected by almost every motorist at some point in his or her life. The traffic authority has always recorded, registered and archived traffic violations in flensburg. Now the comparison portal verivox has evaluated which car brands traffic sinners particularly like to drive.

The evaluation examined the 100 most common car models that have collected points in flensburg.

Small cars are less conspicuous, high horsepower models are in the lead

The manufacturer audi is the clear "winner" out. The A6 allroad quattro model was 96 percent above the average of all other models. Coincidence? Well, that second most popular model is also from audi: the A5. Another manufacturer only came in third place: skoda – with the model superb. Also in the top 10 are the audi TT, the audi A6 and the audi Q5. BMW only has two models in the top rankings: the 3-series and the 5-series. You want to know how your automaker performs? Read the whole list here.

This does not mean that one car brand is worse than the other. However, there are clear correlations between models and drivers. Verivox sees as an important reason the Ggender distribution.

Models with a lot of horsepower are particularly conspicuous when it comes to collecting points – and these models are mostly driven by men. If you compare the male-female ratio in terms of traffic violations, male drivers do much worse. Statista.Com shows, for example, that in 2018 men were almost four times more likely to violate the speed limit than women. The first place in a traffic violation in connection with overtaking, passing or encountering also goes to the manner: with just under 80.000 dead, the men make a strong showing. The women, on the other hand, come in at just under 12.000. However, it is important to note that only those traffic offenders who are actually registered can be taken as a basis here. So the question of who really violates the driving regulations more often is a different one. However, the statistics give a good picture of who tends more often not to comply with specifications.

Country ranking: where the driver's license is often taken away

That the driver's license at spatestens eight points in flensburg is gone for the time being, people in north rhine-westphalia in particular seem to be the least bothered. According to an article of the wz.De, referring to a study from 2019, the most points are collected here. According to the study, the federal state is ahead overall. Press portal.De also publishes a country map for this purpose, which was created by check24. Here, bavaria is quite far behind in percentage terms with the traffic violations. With just under 5.9 percent of drivers reporting points in the traffic register, bavaria ranks alongside thuringia with 5.8 percent, hesse with 5.7 percent and the saarland with also 5.8 percent. But the absolute leader in terms of exemplary driving is berlin. Here, according to information, only 4.9 percent of drivers have registered points in flensburg.

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