Timetable hiccup was not the last rail problem for the kronach district

Timetable hiccup was not the last rail problem for the kronach district

A gap in early afternoon rail service has been closed by the new timetable for the kronach district. "That was the main problem", theresa heim, who has since found it easier to commute between rothenkirchen and kronach, is delighted. Nevertheless, the 19-year-old sees further need for improvement. Moreover, she is not the only one to ask how things will continue with intercity, which is currently still very rudimentary in its timing.

To the 15. December, the railroad changed its schedule for bavaria. "We are getting much closer to our goal of a flat-covering hourly cycle", said thomas prechtl, spokesman for the management of the bavarian railroad company (BEG). "On numerous routes, we have eliminated the "taktluck" or introduced hourly service for the first time."

Between bamberg and kronach, the tactical gap was closed over lunchtime. A fourth pair of ICE trains will stop in coburg. In order to make good connections, the BEG adjusts the regional trains on the surrounding routes, as the press office further announced.

This impression can also be confirmed by theresa heim. "You can see an improvement", she’s glad that she won’t be stuck in kronach for so long on the way home if she misses a game. While the timing is already better, it would still like to see price adjustments in local transport. A monthly rail pass costs just under 100 euros. With the buses it looks similar.

Price as an incentive

The foreign countries show how people can be persuaded to switch to the opnv. "In london, for example, you pay two euros – no matter how far you travel", she talks about her travel impressions. "There will be a correspondingly large number of people sitting in it."

But it would also be interesting for them if the intercity finally served the county better. Up to now, there has been only one stop on each of the six days of the week on the northbound and southbound journeys. Originally, this offer was only planned for 2023, but it could already be realized at the end of 2017. Since then, politicians have been pushing for it to be expanded and for ludwigsstadt (planned for 2023) to become an IC stop as well.

"On long-distance services, there will continue to be one IC a day to leipzig and one to karlsruhe six days a week, with no changes. There are no plans to change this offer in the coming years", states the press spokesman for bavaria of deutsche bahn AG, anton knapp, in response to a question from frankischer tag. And how has the offer been received so far?? "The use by the passengers of kronach is so far still at a very low level."

Now, the onlooker could think that a better use could also be related to a better timing. But according to the railroad, this is not so easy to implement. Knapp explains: "the timings of the IC trains via kronach are based on the one hand on the different needs of rail passengers, and on the other hand on optimized vehicle deployment throughout germany; after all, the limited number of available IC vehicles is to be used for the benefit of as many customers as possible."

So in the other time slots, the two-hourly IC trains coming from karlsruhe had to turn back in the opposite direction in nurnberg or take over important time slots for travelers on the nurnberg – augsburg – munich axis instead, explains the press spokesman.

Improvement in sight

But it does raise some hope: "in coordination with the states of thuringia and bavaria, a complete redesign of the rail service through the frankenwald is planned for december 2023: DB fernverkehr plans to expand the IC service to a 2-hour frequency from that time on and to include further stops in additional locations, including ludwigsstadt."

The prospective expansion of the service remains the goal of jurgen baumgartner (CSU), a member of the state parliament, who welcomed the first IC in kronach two years ago. As good as he thinks this event and an improved timetable are, he is critical of the overall situation. He addresses clear words to those responsible for the railroads: "I have no understanding of a state-owned company withdrawing from long-distance transport in the flat!" Baumgartner is also shaking his head at the assessment of IC use in kronach. He says: "the performance of the railroad management is just as overwhelming as the number of people who board the train here!"

The delegate therefore promises that politics will not let up in order to achieve improvements in rail transport for rural areas. "The state will not withdraw from areas with demographic challenges, but will invest in them." Intelligent solutions are needed. The delegate expects the same for the railroad traffic.

Theresa heim will be pleased to hear it. Because they would like to plan their next city trips by rail as well. Especially if the IC was to stop in kronach at a good time.

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