Water prices rise in mitwitz

Water prices rise in mitwitz

Mitwitzthe last public meeting of the mitwitz town council this year, which was chaired by first mayor hans-peter laschka and held in the town hall meeting room, focused on the redefinition of water and wastewater fees.
At the beginning of the meeting, the chamberman clemens wicklein explained the recalculation of the water consumption fees for the water supply system with the change of the contribution and fee statutes. The new calculation period was set for the next four years.

After a brief discussion, the market town council voted unanimously to increase the new consumption fee from the previous 1.62 euros to 1.94 euros per cbm. At the same time the sewage fees were reduced from 3,21 euro per cbm to 3,07 euro. This was also decided unanimously. The market town council also unanimously approved the installation of new remote-readable ultrasonic water meters. Beforehand, mayor hans-peter laschka informed the market town council about the advantages.

Three times as expensive

The new meters, at about 75 euros, are three times more expensive than the conventional meters, but they will pay for themselves in a few years, thanks to the possibility of extending the calibration period, economical operation and other advantages, such as high measurement accuracy, protection against tampering, microbiological advantages, optimization of network monitoring and drinking water hygiene. The calibration period can be extended twice by three years for the new payers. Also, only 50 payers were randomly audited after six years among all payers obtained through the O.

Due to the new remote readable water meters, it was also necessary to change the statutes for the public water supply system, which was also unanimously approved by the market town council.

16000 at the christmas market

In its announcements, 1. Mayor laschka with that there were 12 500 paying visitors at this year’s two-day christmas market. In addition, a good third of the young people did not have to pay admission, so that there was a total of about 16,000 visitors. However, there were also complaints from residents in breitenseeweg that market visitors were parking in the driveways. For this reason, a security concept is to be drawn up next year with the kronach police. The police are also investigating whether it makes sense to erect barriers at the entrances.
Hartmut engel presented the new homepage of the market town to the market town council.

During the citizens’ questions, market town councilor wolfgang gotz inquired about the construction lighting in the town’s thoroughfare. The mayor said that at the moment only parts of the town hall are illuminated. The savings bank is still in talks with the suc about possible illumination. Accordingly, parts of the town hall were also involved. The illumination of the doctor’s office, the premises kronacher strabe 3, freiherr von wurtzburg strabe 2 , as well as the inn" to the stone lowen" to be carried out according to construction progress, says the mayor.

Martin schwammlein mentioned the winter road clearance service, which in his opinion was carried out too late on slopes. Therefore the building committee will deal with it.

They also demanded a sign "tempo 30 zone" in kirchstrabe, and furthermore, at the beginning of kirchstrabe, the zig-zag lines are to be applied again, so that no parking takes place there. The parking situation in front of the savings bank in kronacher strabe was also discussed.

The topic of building revitalization is to be dealt with in a timely meeting, since according to the words of the mayor, a lot of detailed work is still necessary. However, the main town of mitwitz should not be given preference.

Sigmund katholing showed on the basis of pictures the very bad road condition of the burgstaller way on high of the geflugelheime on. Due to the construction site equipment and constantly driving trucks, the condition is not acceptable. Mayor laschka will therefore contact the construction company.

Gerhard frank found it positive that the citizens’ questions, which used to be the first item on the agenda of the meeting, now come only after the information of the mayor. He was also of the opinion that speed displays should be installed at all entrances and exits to the town. After these are no longer so expensive, according to mayor laschka, some more should be purchased.

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