An unintentional adrenaline kick for the hammelburgers

An unintentional adrenaline kick for the hammelburgers

VC dresden – TV/DJK hammelburg 1:3 (25:19, 22:25, 27:29, 22:25).

The first adrenaline kick came shortly after the departure to the state capital of saxony, just under 400 kilometers away. Because the yellow engine warning light came on in one of the two team buses, they refrained from continuing their journey. After a few phone calls, department head thomas greinwald and team manager frank jansen rushed to the spontaneous assignment: while greinwald drove the defective bus from werneck back to hammelburg, jansen continued the journey to dresden in his private vehicle with the rest of the team.

There, where the home team started highly concentrated and after the victory over friedrichshafen the night before was again on course with the first set win. Especially in the eaves attack, the saxons were almost unstoppable, who also presented powerful serves against hammelburger, who had ordered the second libero on the field as a tactical means of coach thiago welter with finn jansen.

In the second set, player hannes krochmann provided a 3:0 lead with his strong serving. Dresden continued to fire away on the attack, with great blocking and field defense raising the frustration factor for the saalestadters. The latter took advantage of some minor inadequacies on the part of the elbstadtern to take an 18:15 lead at 15:15, but this was levelled out again just as quickly in an intense game. In the meantime, laurentiu vinatoru replaced hannes krochmann in the pass and severin hauke replaced branko damjanovic on the diagonal on the field. Hammelburg’s pressure on the serve and two individual mistakes by the dresden players made for the equalization of the set.

While the hosts’ game continued to be easy, the hammelburg engine was running rather slowly. When the set seemed to be turning against the team from lower franconia at 13:17, the guests showed great morale, fought their way back into the match and showed: "yes, we can also play refreshing volleyball"!" Now it was crackling in the volleydome in dresden. On the hammelburg side, marian epple in particular had important actions before branko damjanovic "thumped" his team to 26:25. Two service errors on both sides ensured a further set extension in what was now a super exciting game, before moritz zeitler put his team out with a block.

An 8:5 lead for the saxons at the first technical timeout was a clear indication that head coach niklas preisl’s team had quickly digested the set loss. Hammelburg, meanwhile, kept itself in the game mainly through a series of good blocking actions to take the first lead at 11:10. In attack, the two teams dueled at eye level. A controversial referee’s decision at 14:14 initially threw the saalestadt team a bit out of rhythm. But once again damjanovic held his own: 19:19 equalizer. Only the many service errors in this phase caused head shaking and love the elbstadter again go in the lead.

But the bravely fighting saalestadter once again proved their morale, while the intensity of the game could now also be seen in the range of action of the two coaches. Two unfortunate individual errors by the hosts, love the hammelburger at the end "auswartssieg, auswartssieg" dance. MVP on the volley side was once again moritz rauber.

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