Bad bruckenau: pink print instead of starter pistol

Bad bruckenau: pink print instead of starter pistol

Pleasant temperatures, sunshine and dry ground are normally ideal conditions for the bad bruckenau pink run. But the tenth edition of this major event, which has seen an ever-increasing number of participants and is now known far beyond the borders of the city, had to be cancelled this year because of corona. The already well advanced plans for the small jubilee in front of a large audience disappeared for the time being in the drawer again.

Since the cancellation had already taken place quite early, the responsible persons decided for a completely new variant. "Pink 9 ½" the magic word of a donation and campaign week that has been running since 3. October and until 10. October in aid of the "breast cancer germany" association the event goes over the stage and takes place completely in digital space.

However, mayor jochen vogel (CSU) and the entire organization team, together with some representatives of the local associations, did not want to completely forego at least one symbolic gesture in reality. There was no obligatory gun salute on the market square on saturday, but instead the head of the town hall spoke "in a small circle" with the help of a stencil, several pink prints were made on the pavement.

Women reach for the spray can

The two "women of the first hour" were also allowed to participate, who have had a major influence on the pink run to this day, reach for the spray can. Oldburg mayor brigitte meyerdierks (CSU) and the former head of the tourist information office, karin bauer, gladly considered themselves skilled spray artists.

Right at the beginning of the short meeting, during which hygiene and distance rules were observed at all times, vogel had once again reviewed the success story of the pink run in a few words. Naturally, the mayor also regretted that it was not possible to run in large groups for the good cause as usual. A colorful picture nevertheless presented itself.

Because almost all of the assembled had put on the eye-catching action shirt. And some of the steadfast ones even took the opportunity to do a solo lap on the well-known track individually.

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