Courage and mercy captured in tone

Courage and mercy captured in tone

With the missa criolla by ariel ramirez, the paul-eber-kantorei under the direction of deanery cantor martin blaufelder will perform the mass on sunday, 19. May, at 7 p.M. A special work will be performed in the protestant town church of kitzingen, according to the press release.

Ramirez composed the mass in 1963 and 1964. His first inspiration for writing a religious work came in the 1950s, when he was an unknown musician living in a monastery in wurzburg, germany. There he met the sisters elisabeth and regina bruckner, who told him that a manor house in front of the monastery had been a concentration camp during national socialism – only a few years earlier – and that they brought food to the prisoners night after night, even though it was punishable by death.

The courage and mercy of the two sisters moved ramirez deeply and so he dedicated the mass to them, according to a press release. The misa criolla is considered ramirez’s best-known composition and, because of its fame, is considered the most important work of argentine sacred music far beyond the borders of sudamerica.

A little jazz mass" by bob chilcott, a british composer, choirmaster and singer, offers a completely different style. In 1985, he joined the king’s singers and was with them for twelve years. Since 1997 he is a freelance composer.

The "fantasia para un gentilhomre" by joaquin rodrigo can be called a kitzingen premiere. In this piece, the guitar functions as a solo instrument framed by the sounds of the orchestra. The classical guitar did not initially develop in spain, but only here was it an integral part of the national musical panorama in all its forms. Consequently, their sound and the idiomatic textures of their music have been subconsciously imprinted in the mind of every spanish composer. This explains how rodrigo achieved his extraordinary ability to write for an instrument he can neither play nor see, skilfully walking the fine line between virtuosity and technical impossibility.

Tickets at 13/10 euros are available in advance at the schoningh bookstore or at 15/12 euros at the box office.

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