“Good examples”: mainstockheim “open house” is in the finals

This is the fifth year that BR kulturradio bayern 2 has honored people and their projects for a better society with its "good example" competition. The jury nominated five finalists from among the 400 or so entries. As of now, the public can call bayern2.De/gutes-beispiel vote on the winner and the distribution of the prize money totaling 10,000 euros.

One of the finalists is the mainstockheim project "open house. The keller family has been working for years to preserve old, seed-resistant varieties of vegetables that can be used and propagated in any garden. The seed festival, where hundreds of tomato, potato and bean varieties are exchanged, has found many imitators throughout germany. Open house has reintroduced three old wheat varieties to the market and now wants to cultivate a lower franconian variety of cabbage again in the region.

The award ceremony will take place on wednesday, 29. April 2020, from 18.05 o’clock live on bayern 2 instead. The jury members and finalists are connected. Until then, you can order online at bayern2.De/good-example uber the winners to be voted on. In addition, on 29. April also the opportunity to vote by telephone.

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